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A Greedy Woman in Distress

One morning I was taking a stroll around my versinity, when suddenly I noticed a cool venza car slowed down close to me. it was so cool and clean that i was not even take notice of the physical features of the rider. I found my self just saying "yes" to every proposal. He gave me a ride back home. That day I couldn't stop thinking, dreaming, and flashing back the beauty I saw in that power car. Also:  Ladies Behold Types of Men You shouldn’t Allow to Take You to Alter To add sugar to my tea he even told me that what am seeing was just a tip of an ice berg. ... Wow! Are you kidding me. If the tip could be so large, how much more the whole  body?  So I thought. The next day at exactly the time he gave me, i didn't waste a second to call the number I saw on the card he gave me. Thirty minutes later he sent his driver to come pick me up with another power car. He spoilt me silly. Everything i pointed at was automatically mine. ...... I was feeling on top of the world, i was short of words. The only words i was quick to say was "I love you with my life" this he always accept with a cunny smile, when ever I say it. Both of us knew very well it was his money that was moving and nothing close to...

Love Gist

Man asks court to dissolve his marriage, says “My wife doesn’t bath for days”

One Mr and Mrs Okafor are seeking divorce, because according to them, they are both tired.The wife accused her husband of being unfaithful and ungrateful.She told the court, “My husband always travels to his village in the name of visiting his elder brother, not knowing that he had married an Igbo woman because I am Yoruba.“I got to know about his secret marriage...

Love Gist

Beyonce and Jay Z celebrates their 9 years anniversary. Read their amazing love story.

The two superstars, queen Bey and Jay Z celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary yesterday, Tuesday.For 15 years they have known each other but decided to walk down the aisle, 9 years ago. Their love story was being shared through their songs.       “’03 Bonnie & Clyde”Beyoncé met Jay Z when she was 18, but the two didn’t rush into a relationship. “We were friends first for a year and a...

Love Gist

This great relationship advice from Actress Omoni Oboli will Wow you!

Nollywood actress, film producer cum business woman, Omoni Oboli unleashed several advice to spouses on how they can build a nice relationship, because according to her, she is enjoying one already! At least her husband loves the "Imperfect" "her" perfectly!She wrote, ”We are not perfect…but our love is perfect We are totally flawed but love covers a multitude of sins. @nnamdioboli thanks for loving an imperfect me!”Now…the reason for this post…there’s no reason to hit...

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