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The Minecraft film Director identified

Minecraft Movie Director

Minecraft filmMinecraft movie

Despite the many delays in making the Minecraft movie, it seems that the cinematic production of Microsoft’s popular collection now seems to have begun. The film’s director was recently featured. Continuing with the latest news cinema and television with other entertainment news at Zinnystar.

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According to Variety’s report, “Peter Solt” will be the director of Minecraft’s film. The film will be produced by Warner Brothers, and Roy Claire and John Leah will feature film makers at MineCraft. In the case of the film, the story is about a young girl who begins a journey with her friends to overcome the dragon to save their cube world from this perpetual curse. Since 2014, many names have been chosen for the MineCraft movie, and have long been in trouble, but with the director’s choice for it, one can expect the production to begin.

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