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Movie News: The First After The Playlist One Season Is Cancelled

Hulu network cancels the First Drama series

hulu cancel first dramahulu cancel first drama

The Hulu network cancels the First Drama series only after broadcasting a season. Stay tuned for the latest movie news on zinnystar.

The series was based on Beau Willimon’s writings, starring Sean Penn and Natascha McElhone. It was the first Penn TV show that did not meet much of it.

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The first story of The First was coming in the near future, and the story was based on the first mission of humans on the planet Mars. In May 2017, the Hulu network issued a production order, and the first episode was released in September 2018. Other actors include LisaGay Hamilton, Keiko Agena, Rey Lucas, Hannah Ware and James Ransone.

Westward Productions is a studio in the field of film and television, independently created by Willimon and its partner Jordan Tappis. Channel 4 and Hulu were assigned to the studio for producing and filming The First. The series was also funded by Hulu, Channel 4, IMG and the AG studio. After broadcasting a season, the television program crashed with a huge wave of critics’ negative reactions and scored 68 points in Rotten Tomatos.


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