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It’s unlikely that in 2019, again, a group of producers backed by a studio would come together to create a new movie about Robin Hood. What’s a better and more intrusive idea than a popular legendary hero? Maybe you ask what’s wrong? All of this movie has been defeated by this popular hero. Why stop the success of another cinematic film in this field? Perhaps, finally, a movie will succeed in portraying Robin Hood’s life well. Supposedly Atoptert, as director, with the company’s “Samite” with the same mindset, released Robin Hood in 2018. The work that rocks the usual scenario of Robin Hoody’s films.

  • Director: Atto Bertr
  • Producer Studio: Samithi, Epinav, Pixeloids Studio
  • Cast: Taron Ifton, Jamie Fox, Ben Mendelssohn
  • Budget: $ 100 Million (Total Sales in World Box : $ 73 Million)

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The story of Robin Hood is not so different from other cinematic pieces about this character. Robin Hood, as a popular hero, is trying to steal the wealth of the Nottingham wealthy to spread among the poor and the needy. It seems that in the past, people in Britain did this, and it seems that the character of Robin Hood is rooted in the old British beliefs. As a result, the passage of time led to the formation and expansion of a heroic personality brigade with the heart of Rhoof called Robin Hood all over the world. A character that appears to be one-size-fits-all, but at the same time public-friendly, is a loved one.

Robin Hood movie review

We see a very bad frame from Robin Hood film. The angle of the direct camera with the level of the eye of the hero that throws Robin Hood into a sermon. The position of the characters on the front of the camera is not accurate, because for directing the power of the saga, director Robin Hood should have placed the wider audience in the picture frame. That blast behind Robin Hood remains like a regular cracker! All this is just a footage.

The production and production of the Robin Hood film has spilled nearly $ 100 million (even more). As a matter of course, we expect the Samite studio to face at least a modest impact, but the problem is precisely where the director wore a huge amount of money to fund the project, but could not even win the hero to Robin Hood’s character. My mind and you are carved and close.

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Most of the script’s mistakes come from incomplete characterization.

The first and most obvious objection is the beginning of the movie. First, we see Robin Hood in the role of a nobleman named Lord Laksli (Taron Igarton) alongside his beloved Marian (Yves Husan), and we come to ourselves what is happening, Robin Hood’s story is called to the army. In the form of crusades against Nottingham’s enemies. In the very early sequence of the film, the characterization of Marianne and Robin Hood does not even occur to even use this repetitive, predictable message that “the screenwriter has abandoned the character of the main characters.”

After the first sequence, we see Robin Hood, a four-year-old jump during the war. In the same tune that we are still trying to communicate with Robin Hood, Lord Laksley or whatever, another person named Yahya (Jamie Fox) as a soldier from the opposition faces a storyline. So much is happening fast that it’s safe to think of the second episode as one of Robin Hood’s worst parts.

Robin Hood movie review

Despite the awesome appearance and appearance of this character, what you think will be worse off the front of the camera.

Now Robin Hood’s movie is similar to other Robin Hood films. The story of the film at this stage is a story about the sickens (Ben Mendelssohn) who are asking for taxes to run for war. The screenwriter has merely tried to provide the opportunity to get this tax, but I hope that this background would not have been institutionalized at all, and that the worst hit was the creation of the script.

Robin Hood’s cinematic film has nothing to say in terms of quality.

You might say with yourself that the screenplay can be tolerated, and, of course, the movie Robin Hood is not so bad, but the story here is not even the easiest of filmmaking. Bulls of books and books, illumination, and all that is awesome, the overuse of visual effects like Oslo is slow motion, only a few technical mistakes about the mistakes made in directing this work. Robin Hood’s film has come down so poorly in terms of qualities that you might be as if I’m as suspicious as to whether ATTOPTER is really a director or just to name it. We looked at his work and saw that he was more involved with the production of the series and Minis Royal, and in reality Robin Hood’s film was considered his first feature film.

Robin Hood movie review

When we talk about what is happening with the illumination and whatever is good, what are we talking about? In filmmaking, even lighting should have a goal behind it. What is really the purpose of this dark light?

Still, Attracter seems to have a high degree of self-confidence who dare to accept directing the project to make Robin Hood a feature film. Because at the beginning of the review, we also made a cinematic movie about Robin Hood, sponsored by various companies, and the story of this lovely, repeatedly and repeatedly narrated in various ways. That’s why making a great, high quality work, including Robin Hood, may not be easy for any director.

In this case, the screenplay of this work, with all its tricky grievances, has an interesting showcase. In this sense, Robin Hood is a nobleman and is not merely an anonymous man. Robin in the film has identity and authenticity. He is active in the community and, just like his cartoon character, often does not spend himself in the woods of Sherwood. But his comrade, “John,” has no showcases, nor does his personality end up at a proper stage until the end of the film. That’s why the interaction between the characters “John” and “Robin” is so bad that you are hoping that their dialogues will be completed more quickly, but rather entertain yourself with the action movie.

Robin Hood movie review

This poster is just one of the unfinished frames and Robin Hood’s movie book. A closed view, the lame character remains in the air and the lucky soldier returns to the depth of the camera’s background. What creative is the Athotest in this picture frame should personally ask ourselves!

Perhaps we can only summarize the strength of the film in a sequence. The part that Robin transforms with hard exercises from the character of Lord Laksley to Robin Hood. Watching Robin Hood, an ordinary person who becomes one of a kind and popular hero with effort and suffering, is one of the few (or perhaps only!) Parts of the movie Robin Hood. However, the perception of this sadness and sadness in the main characters and even the subconscious is not at all tangible, and they are based only on tragic personalities. As a spectator, there is no particular sense of sympathy for us that is upset by Robin or even John. This play of bad actors is re-emerging into the inability of the director to play actors. On the other hand, it can be seen that the film stream is interrupted between the sequences of this cinematic work, and whatever happened in the previous sequence seems to be forgotten in the sequel. It seems like characters, especially “John”, suffer from Alzheimer’s disease!

  • Robin Hood movie review

  • The answer to an overwhelming question: Why do most of the cinematic films deal with Robin Hood?
  • Perhaps because we in the past became more familiar with this character through cartoons and a long series, and the character we carve out in our minds has so much of a high prestige that we are not able to watch a two-hour movie, we’re not the Robin Hood of this bunch Match the works with what we have in mind. On the other hand, if the director tries to use Robin Hood’s film of a more sophisticated character, he has to increase the dialogues, and that’s why the drum weight on this type of film is more than an action adventure. While screenwriters in a few recent projects all attempted to keep Robin Hoody’s action rhythms down, the audience would sit on a rhythm with a fast paced rhythm and rejoice at Robin Hood’s fight with drones in the city. This procedure is called ” Robin Hood’s Weak Syndrome. “”I will define. Because of the signs I’ve seen in Attopt, I’ve seen more and more in other Robin Hoody films before.

Of course, those who believe that the quality of the cinematic work on Robin Hood does not go far beyond the average, Robin Hood is a big booty, and it’s not so much needed because of the fast acting on this work. Knock down This category of movie makers is going to be entertaining for just two hours. The story goes back to the same audience as the famous and funny proverb that the old people say: “For the pain of pain, Khanbangji”. In the sense that some people instead of watching a gigantic film with scrambled and unfocused script (?) Will be watching over catastrophic movies like Atootter, in 2018.

This is not a suggestion. An alert! Please draw a red line around this movie. Perhaps because watching a movie, Robin Hood is far better than a snoop can play your nerves. Now that I think again Atthrotter is a real artist. Because it does not come up with any one, it will mold such a weak effect as a cinematic movie to fans of the cinema and action genre!

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