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Spiderman, or the same spider man, is more than 55 years old and has been featured in a variety of media coverage. Get out of Japan’s strange jailbreak action game, in the form of a slug with other Marvel heroes. So far, we have not seen Spiderman in the form of a 3D cinematic animation, and Sony has decided to turn this dream into reality, and in the realization of this dream almost rocks have been laid. The Spider-Man animation: Into the Spider-Verse is something that both fans want as well as unfamiliar to the world, which means a win-win game.

Spider-Man animation review: Into the Spider-Verse

  • Director: Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman
  • Studio Producer: Sony Pictures
  • Voice Actors: Nicolas Cage, Chris Pine, Shamik Moore
  • Budget: $ 90 Million

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Since Sony has been making Spider-Man’s rights to Spider-Man since the purchase of Marvel over the years, the company has been trying to make good use of this copyright for several months. Sony has produced a trio directed by Sam Rimi, which, in the opinion of many fans, is part of the second best-selling super-movie in the history of cinema. Sony’s ploy with Sam Rimi, however, caused the long-term project that he had intended for this character to split up a lot.

Spider-Man animation review: Into the Spider-Verse

Reimi has repeatedly stated in news interviews that there are up to 5 issues for Spiderman in mind, and Sony suddenly announced that the third part would be his last work as director of the franchise; the result was that Remy tried to squeeze out ideas Draw a movie into a single cinematic piece and take the third part with a lot of characters in front of the camera and the output does not get any good. The third episode of Sam Rimi Mehri was the end of the Spiderman era in the movie theater, and Sony has not been able to reinstate this character for a while.

Eventually, a couple of years later, Sony re-raised the sleeves and created the Amazing Spider-Man series with a new team; the series, which continued to be popular with the popularity of the super-popularity of the name, was in fact a rollback of the previous trio Was considered. While the second part of the series ended up promising to build the third episode (and even the negative character of it was described by Paul Geymati and was depicted for a second), Sony decided to adopt a new policy.

Spider-Man animation review: Into the Spider-Verse

The popularity of Marvel and Disney films and their huge sales and the band behind those cinematic phases, and, of course, wanted Sony fans to lend Spiderman his character to Disney and Marvel and continue his cinematic way to them To leave Spiderman rebooted again, and this time, the young Tom Dutch played the role, and once again he was able to redeem this character to satisfy most of the fans (of course, I personally still consider Tobey Maguire in the old trio of Sam Rimi as the best actor in Spider Man Cinema) Sony’s work with Spider-Man was precisely what the Universal Studios filmed with the Hulk character, and although it had bought the personality of the character, it borrowed it reliably to Disney and Marvel.

Spider-Man animation review: Into the Spider-Verse

Sony, however, with all its cleverness, kept a large part of the world of Spiderman, and only left the rights to make a live action film to Marvel and Disney. Officials at the studio announced that they still have rights over 100 characters in the world of Spiderman and have decided to build separate films based on this great world. Spiderman has a wide range of enemies and a wide world in Marvel’s characters, and Sony has turned the negative role of this world, including Venus into a separate movie, and turned his winning sheet by making Spider-Man’s animation: Into the Spider-Verse.

The Spiderman animation world is the new world that Sony has just launched and began its work with the same effect of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, a work that combines the beauty of multiple stories of this character and as much as possible to The comics of this superhero are loyal. If you are a fan of comic books and have been following Marvel’s illustrated stories over the years, you should be aware that the comics have repeatedly undergone changes in fiction narratives and have a much larger and more complex world than Marvel’s cinematic worlds, and Spiderman’s of this The rule has not materialized.

Spider-Man animation review: Into the Spider-Verse

The stories of this character have repeatedly undergone many changes, and one of the most prominent is the presence of a new person alongside the regular hero of the series, Peter Parker: Miles is a black hero who is one of the newest Spiderman people in the world who has the ability to find a spider, There are many fans in the world. Hero Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is also Miles and we are witnessing the narrative of her story, Milesie, which has never been mentioned in any cinematic version, and has recently been mentioned in the new game. Sony and Marvel seem to plan to promote Miles more than before, and this Black Spider World champion, along with Peter Parker, develops in other media than Comic.

Spider-Man animation: Into the Spider-Verse has a new story, like the films of this series, with a repeating tale of excerpts and showing the background of the main characters of the story does not begin, and in this sense, it has a great novelty. From the point of view of the makers, they were fully aware that there might be fans in the world who knew Spiderman only through animations and cinematic works, and were not necessarily comic book or gamer-makers, and so their narrative had been narrated for The majority is understandable. Of course, knowing the finer details can help make or make the story more understandable, but for ordinary audiences it still has its own attraction; a spectator who has seen at least some of Spider Man’s movies.

Spider-Man animation review: Into the Spider-Verse

Spiderman has many parallel universes, some of which are known as the Ultimate series, and in this series of Spider-Man stories rotate around Miles’ character and Peter Parker was killed. The story of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse begins with the same trend and begins with the death of Peter Parker by the King Pin. Miles, who is a high school girl and recently found a strange spider, has discovered that he has spider-powered capabilities, but after the passing of Peter Parker’s death, he is exactly the same person who meets the late Peter. The difference is that the hairdo is not blonde.

Spider-Man animation review: Into the Spider-Verse

The Dangers of the Story: Miles realizes that the King Pin has been manipulated in parallel worlds and has caused different worlds to come together. He realizes that in every world there is a special Spiderman, and now nearly five Spidermans came to his world from different worlds. Peter Parker, who we know most of all, and his stories in the early films of this series, is the same Peter that Miles met with him, and now Sunni is past him and his body is out of shape and brought up.

Spiderman Noir (who, if you’ve been a gamer, is recalling him from the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions), he has been discovered in this world since World War II, and Gwen Stacy is a girl from his own world (in his world of Peter Parker is, in fact, the same lizard character or lizard and is killed in the same stories). Another spiderman from the world of anime and Japanese named Penny Parker (abbreviated as SP // dr in comics), which in fact is a little girl With anime icons, it enters the battle with a great spider robot. Finally, the sense of humor and comedy load is not forgotten, and we have Spider or the Spider Pig, which is a cartoon character, funny and funny, and it’s actually the spider that a radioactive pig has hit! End of the danger of breaking the story.

Spider-Man animation review: Into the Spider-Verse

Everything you’ve seen before in Spider Man movie has to be forgotten, because here we are faced with several types of men and women and even spider animals, and the enemies of this character are also completely transformed. In the Ultimate series, Dr. Octaves is actually a woman called Dr. Octavea, or the negative personality Scorpion (Rooster) in this world is robotic. The builders were loyal to the Ultimate series and tried to rebuild it since the ending of the series was not much considered in the comic market and could not keep fans happy as it was.

Of the few changes that have been made to the main story, the presence of the prowler, a long-time spider-man, is a prowler, but years have passed since the end of the year and have never been properly paid; this character, but now in Spider- Man: Into the Spider-Verse shines and is restored again, and I think it will have a lot to say in the future.

Spider-Man animation review: Into the Spider-Verse

All faces, designs, and even stories from the Ultimate series have been borrowed, and although this series was not interesting among some of the fans, it has a special novelty and a smart choice for the narrative of a new Spiderman in the cinema.

The negative personality of the Spider-Man animation: Into the Spider-Verse is essentially a King Pin, and it’s safe to say that the King Pin inside this animation has not been created so far in Spider-Man series and games. Even the King Dinard series pin can not reach this character, and he is one of the ruthless negative roles you’ve ever encountered in an animation. King pains the family (his wife and son) and wants to find them again by interacting with the worlds, and in this way they will not hesitate to do anything. He kicks and falls and fights against his enemies and his friends and only wants to reach his goal. Even though he is a caricature, he is also an awe-inspirer, but for the first time he can justify his extraordinary power over superheroes.

Spider-Man animation review: Into the Spider-Verse

Characterization in the new Spider Man’s animation is best captured and most of the people in the animation, although the characters are completely new, but can be seized with them. Of course, people like the Prowler, although they have their own specificity, have no news of their background. In any case, the characters of the animation are so proud that some of them have to be made of distinct effects and short animations, and until the moment of writing this article, a short animated short series of Spider-Man (spider pigs) has been confirmed.

The stubborn tablet and dialogue instead of the Spider-Man animation: Into the Spider-Verse, has caused rich content and hope that this content will have successful sequels. Voice changers have done well, and Chris Payne and Nicolas Cage, who are more famous than others, may have a few interlaced lines but can appear memorable at this very short time. The character of Peter Parker is unique in character, and Miles’s character is accompanied by the sound of the Shamik Moore (rapper), which brings with it a sense of youth and a great heroism.

There are various jokes and strokes throughout the animation, and the voice of Stan Lee’s late and his honorary presence is once again in the work; a person who is likely to be among his last meetings with his fans with his real voice, and the scene in which he is remembered. Has a sense of tragedy.

Spider-Man animation review: Into the Spider-Verse

With the launch of the Miles by the spider, comic elements and conventional bubbles in these books are depicted in animated scenes and narrow the border between animation and a comic motion thriller. These visual effects, in addition to cutting off the images and putting them together, are more likely to bring the animation closer to a pictorial storyline, and the film’s action space, along with the unique music, depicts those pure moments in front of the spectator’s eyes. The specific animation style of the animation has also helped double its uniqueness, making the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse not similar to any trace you’ve seen before.

Sony has been able to come out of the Spider world this time, which can once again be proud to keep fans happy. The hand on a story that only comic readers (and perhaps professional gamers) were aware of, was a huge risk that the team had bought and could well come up with. Spiderman now has something to say about the animation industry after shining in the world of video games, and he hopes he can shine the same way in his next film.

Spider-Man animation review: Into the Spider-Verse

Only a few days after the release of the movie and the fans’ welcome, on the virtual pages a huge flood of multiple requests for the continuation of this series by the people goes to the Sony studio and people are demanding the presence of various other spiders who may even appear once in a comic. They were. They greatly welcome the idea of ​​Spider Man’s parallel universes, and it seems that Sony’s work with the new Unix has now been over.

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