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Reasons Why Women do not feel the Pleasure of Sex?

Sexual pleasure, ways to increase pleasure in women

sex pleasure solutionsex pleasure in women

Having good couples quality is one of the most important issues in common life, but in some relationships, women do not feel the pleasures of sex that they need and they tend to find out the cause of the problem, below is a guide why such happens.

The cause and the solution to the problems of sexual pleasure for women

Enjoying sex helps maintain mental health and the body of couples. Therefore, when establishing a relationship between women, shame should be left in order to enjoy the relationship and reach orgasm because the countless women who are embarrassed and have orgasms in Sex pleasure, have not felt marital relationship.

Women’s Sexual Orgasm

In the old days, many women and men thought that women should not enjoy sex, but gradually it was believed that women, like gentlemen, should enjoy sex and they had to experience a stage like ejaculation in men.

Problems of not enjoying sex in women

Sexual dysfunction and orgasm for women

Today, many women have not experienced this feeling after having been married for several years and they are surprised to hear orgasms because they did not have such an experience during these years. This group of women is the only thing they get from sex, feeling discomfort and pressure after each relationship. If a woman does not have orgasms for at least six months, she has an orgasmic disorder.

sex pleasure
sex pleasure

If this section is called “Drowsy Health “, in order to investigate orgasm abnormalities, it is necessary to first determine the correctness of the sexual cycle in women. The sexual cycle in women has four stages of arousal, the stage of the bowel or the continuity of the relationship, orgasms, and the stage of subsidence. At the stage of arousal, the woman is stimulated and then enters the continuity of the relationship.

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In the stage of arousal and persistence, women feel pressure on their pelvic floor and their sexual organs, and this feeling of pressure disappears when it reaches the orgasm. After these steps, a person enters the stage of subsidence. Orgasm usually occurs after two primary stages, but an unmarried woman may also experience orgasm.

sex problems
sex problems

Why women do not feel sexy?

Two categories; primary and secondary

No experience of orgasm occurs in two ways. The first case is when an individual experiences an orgasm. For example, a woman may have had problems with having sex for years after marriage, but she did not experience orgasm. This condition is prevalent in women.

The second case is Mrs. Orgasm, but now she is unable to experience orgasm due to physical changes such as aging or other issues. Age aging can reduce orgasm’s experience with Mrs. Cat. Other factors that reduce Mrs. Cat’s orgasm’s experience include hormonal changes , the use of certain medications or psychological problems. Some women, for example, experience less orgasms during lactation and, consequently, prolonged hormone prolactin levels.

Factors Affecting Sex
In a woman’s marital relationship, several factors can make it difficult for her to experience orgasm. Physical health such as adjusting hormones, infection in the pelvic floor and … is one of the necessary preconditions for the experience of sexual orgasm.
To ensure health in this section, women should go to a gynecologist. But in some cases, women do not experience orgasm in spite of their health, because they have to have mental health in order to achieve orgasm.
Women in sex

Ways to increase pleasure in women

Individual psychological factors

Sex in women is much more than that of men in their mental status, for example, anxiety and depression can make women’s work difficult in this area and cause women to not have good sexual and orgasmic experience.

Mrs.’s personal beliefs are sometimes an obstacle to the experience of orgasm, for example, some women believe that a distinguished woman should not have orgasms and enjoy sexual intercourse because they define it as self-deprecating.

Sometimes unpleasant sexual experiences can also play a role in the problem. For example, the experience of having a sexual relationship with anxiety at night at the jellyfish can be a long barrier to the experience of ideal sex in women. In order to solve this problem, you can get help from sexologists who are sexually active. .

The Impact of Mental Disorders on Women’s Sex

Psychological factors arising from communication issues

It’s important to have a good relationship with a wife or women in a common life and to experience a pleasurable sexual relationship. Sexual function of men is much less dependent on their psychological problems than women, and men can even enjoy sex even when they are upset with their Wife.

But for women, unlike men, sex is a reflection of the relationship with their husbands as a whole. If they have a good relationship with their husbands, their sex can also be enjoyable, and if they are struggling with their husbands, they cannot Make sex feel fun. Another factor is the knowledge and sexual skills.

The skills and knowledge required in sex

The sexual cycle in women has four stages of arousal, the stage of the bowel or the continuity of the relationship, orgasms, and the stage of subsidence. In many cases, the absence of arousal or continuity of the relationship causes the formation of an orgasmic stage. For example, one of the most common problems in this regard is the earlier experience of orgasm by gentlemen compared to women. While women are used to arouse and maintain a relationship with time much more needs, so in many cases, the wife has completed the relationship with her husband before it’s enjoyable!

Of course, this situation is seen in gentlemen who do not know about women’s sexual orientation and do not attempt to enjoy their spouses. Women’s experts can assure you, however, that you are not physically and sexually minded, but you do not usually have information about the skills you need for sex, so you should look at the sex worker and ask him Ask for help to provide you with good scientific resources that can raise your information.

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