Health Tips on Travel

13 Useful tips for hygiene and health during holiday travel.

healthy tripimportant hints for a healthy trip

Holiday is a great opportunity for many people to visit relatives and friends. It is typical the time that most of the country’s trips take place especially during December but these trips should be noted that most persons are not aware of some basic guided health tips and we have enlisted these health tips. So below comes 13 Useful tips for hygiene and health during holiday travel.

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Observing hygiene is necessary at all times, but because we emphasize these tips for traveling, our body’s resistance to travel through sleep, long and tedious journey, low rest, and climatic conditions Different destinations are traveling and catering from different sources in cities other than your place of residence.
Most diseases that people suffer from during their travels are caused by non-observance of health issues that cause digestive and infectious diseases, and so on. If you are planning to travel, your senses should be in good health. Ask how, and with us, you can spend your Holiday journey with 13 points.

Health Tips on Travel

healthy hand washing tips
healthy hand washing tips

1. Continuous hand washing

One of the most important things that damages your Holiday travel is the illness like colds and flu during the trip. Therefore, as soon as possible, you should stop the onset of these diseases, which are mainly of viral origin. The easiest way is to wash hands continuously and not touch the mouth and nose. Of course, we all learn to wash hands from childhood, but for different reasons, we do not do this well, and even forget about the importance of doing so, even though we are conscious of the importance and necessity of doing so. To wash your hands, be sure to look for water and soap and liquid soap (water alone is useless).

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When rinsing, rub your hands for at least 20-30 seconds, and do not forget to wash the areas between the fingers and the back of the hands and under the nails. If you do not have access to soap and water, you can use an alcohol-based disinfectant gel that has the same functionality. Essential drugs for travel such as housing, sterile eye drops, anti- allergic tablets, ointment and … are sure to accompany you.

2- Choosing the food you need

healthy food for trips
healthy food for trips

We do not have to cook food for Holiday trips, but we would recommend taking them raw or cooked together, because the germs grow well in semi-cooked foods, but in full-cooked foods. They will go away. Also, microbes grow well in a humid environment, so if you are going to use a sandwich on Holiday trips, you should not eat food from the beginning of the journey inside the bread, you need to remove the bowl of bread and other foods such as tomatoes, lettuce, cutlet or cocoa. It’s even better to use sponge flasks to keep foods cool, and to put foods in a nylon larger, ice molds and smaller nylon. This will keep the food cool for a few hours.

3. If you go to the restaurant

 healthy restaurants
How to select a healthy restaurants

The food, price and taste of the consumer are undoubtedly one of the most important factors in choosing food in restaurants, but is it worth looking at the importance of choosing food? Is the sanitary condition of the place and the food does not matter?

How to choose restaurants

Is it not important to provide these foods with both raw materials and quality? Before choosing a restaurant, consider all aspects. Our suggestion is to look for those who are more crowded to eat in the on-road restaurants. Because the probability of being poisoned is far less likely. To choose a restaurant in different cities, get the best from the locals.

4- Outbound, eat only one serving

Per day during your trip at least once a day, or better, this is a lunch. In choosing food, it is better to use grilled or grilled or steamed foods instead of fried foods. Instead of grilled kebabs, go for kebab leaves , chicken, chanchier or chicken because they are both healthier and have less calories.

5- Drink, just low calories

Remember to go on low-calorie drinks during your trip. Believe me, you do not need hundreds of extra calories in sweet drinks. Water or natural juice and dough are the best alternative to high-calorie drinks such as soft drinks and delicacies.

6. Your senses are in balance.

If you want to enjoy your travel and do not blame yourself after returning for weight gain, your senses will have calories and your physical activity. For example, select your small food press. You can even order food from the baby menu, and just order a snack instead of the main menu. You can also share your food with one of your companions.

7. A problem called the water to melt

Have you heard the term “water?” This term is used when traveling, the state of sleep, rest, and nutrition of a person collides and suffers from several digestive problems. It is not bad to know that the consumption of healthy and natural beverages will largely prevent this, but the consumption of fresh and, of course, disinfected fruits and vegetables also has a significant impact on the problem.

8. If you travel by plane,

healthy airplane travel
healthy hints for airplane travel

You’ve probably heard that when some people travel by air, they are having some flying problems that are annoying. For this reason, it is advisable to strengthen your immune system several days before traveling, and strengthen your vitamins such as vitamins . Also, consult with your doctor one day before traveling for up to three days after that, aspirin, because the problem of deep vein thrombosis is due to prolonged inactivity due to the formation of blood clots in the arteries. Always try to have a bottle of cool water and a snack in your bag.
Even when your flight time is very short. On the other hand, use anti-aging medications for at least 24 hours before the onset of nose and ear problems. These medications help maintain the health and non-congestion of the sinuses and ears. Chew gum when boarding a plane. This will make the air pressure in your middle ear evenly equal and prevent the ears.

9. If you have chosen a train

safety train tips
healthy and safety train tips

Many believe that the train is more comfortable to travel than the car, but the cabin you choose should be in the family section. Even if you think the weather is not cold, keep warm clothes up. Because the temperature change of the air along the path is inevitable. At the same time, if the train suffers from dizziness and nausea. You cannot read books and magazines while on the move, and do not sit in the chairs opposite the direction of the train. Stop where the train stops, take a little water and take a deep breath and walk a bit. This will cause the blood to flow in your legs that has been motionless for a long time and will not cause any problems.

10 – Travel by personal car

healthy car trip
healthy car trip

The first condition for a private car journey is to check the car’s safety precautions. Do not forget, packaged and non-flashed food and drink like biscuit and mineral water and canned food should also be with you. Preferably, choose days and hours for travel that are not busy or over-stretched. For example, 25th December and Easters are not a good time to start a trip. Also do not postpone the date of your return to the last day of the holidays and the thirteenth century. Always avoid installing additional accessories such as pillows or bags in the rear seats that prevent the driver from seeing. At the same time, keep in mind that fatigue and drowsiness during driving are the main cause of 30% of accidents on freeways and 20% of road accidents, and nightly awakening and reduced consciousness are a very dangerous cause of fatal accidents, which unfortunately many ignore it.

11. Your senses to your place of Residence.

If you intend to stay in a cheap and suitable hotel, you can go to the hotel. It should be noted that these hotels are places where guests will be welcomed for a short time and will not have all the facilities of the starter hotel. If you are planning to rent non-hotel accommodation, you should have clean linens and pillows with you that do not become infected with skin problems, allergies and even infectious diseases. Also choose a room that is less allergenic. For example, carpeted or rugged carpets, beds with tufted blankets, thick curtains, etc. may be problematic, especially for children, the elderly and those who have skin and respiratory allergies .

12. The requirement to open suitcases

When you return home from Holiday, you should open the luggage in the bathroom. In this case, if you bring the insect home with you yourself, you will get rid of it from there. Rinse the dirty clothes and transfer the clothes from the nylon to the washing machine. Any rinse aid should be disinfected with alcohol or other disinfectants.

13 – From travel to health

There is no doubt a good nightlife trip that fatigue takes a year off from the body and reduces stress and psychological pressures. Of course, these are not all benefits of traveling. A journey of whatever kind will keep you away from your normal life for a while and this alone will give you a lot of energy. To change your daily schedule is a kind of treatment, which prevents the boredom of the mind and body.
Getting back to nature Traveling lets you get away from your home and work, and most importantly day by day, and enjoy the fresh and healthy nature and atmosphere. It does not matter whether your destination is forests or coastal or mountainous areas, such as returning to nature, relaxing, and making your time a reality.

Say Goodbye to Uniformity

When you’re on a journey, even the smoothness and toughness of your work will make you better off with problems. While traveling in addition to familiarizing you with different cultures and customs, you will find a new perspective on your city.

And take a photo

If you are able to travel this year wherever you like, be sure to do this because you may regret later or you do not have the current situation. We recommend that you write your memories and memorabilia during the trip so that you can remember those memories later.

Improving travel relationships allows you to spend more time with the family, without thinking about the duties and responsibilities of the home, and if you have one, talk and solve the problem, forget about it and take it aside. Enjoy being together. Remember, most of the time, many families and even family-friendly problems disappear during Holiday’s trips, and this is a pleasure.

Hope the tips was helpful, now share the guide to friends. Thank you.
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