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Why Men Cheat – Consider this 6 Reasons

why-men-guys-cheat-zinnystarwhy men or guys cheat in relationship. who is to be blamed

Some say it's because one woman is not enough for them, others believe it's an individual stuff, while many will sharply answer "it's in their gene".

This is one issue that has broken homes,  stolen the peace of many and even destroyed emotions.
Why do you think men always cheat. They may do it because of many different  reasons, but to me,.... No man has enough reason to ever cheat on his partner. I learnt that you can actually make your spouse to become that "miss perfect" you always admire outside. But in some cases women are the real cause why their men cheat  for instance.

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1. When a woman is unkept. Helooo madam,  giving birth to your children should not kill that "sexy" part of you. How can you stop that "packaging" you once had while dating and expect him to still feel the same?  keep attracting him and let him fall in love with you, over and over again
2.  Learn to cook well: When you don't know how to cook,  You make him avoid your food cause each time he eats it,  it's either he feels he is eating concoction or or he is serving a punishment.
Do you know that if he starts  eating out, Satan may decide to introduce one beautiful girl, to him, and who knows how to rub his bald head for him.  😂😯.

3. Don't be a nagging woman. Help him to always run  home after work. Don't make him hiss so loud , each time work is over, because he knows his home had become a living hell for him. Men hate women who nag a lot.
Praise him at every little effort he puts to make you happy. Just as they always feel they always feel bad when their supporting team looses a March, that's the same way they feel bad when you constantly tell them they are losers.

4. Some men does not just cheat, but their partners push them to do so,.
When the woman does not make him feel loved anymore.
When you take him for granted because you think he loves you "too"  much to cheat on you.
Love grows, it also dies!  Yes that's the bitter truth. When you are not nourishing it, it simply dies a natural death.

Sister, don't allow him find solace in another woman's arms o.

5.  Respect your wife. When you respect her you won't share your body with another woman out there. If the problem is her looks, Pimp her to look like that diva you admire outside. If the problem is from her bad character, talk to her with love, and endure the ones she can't change, no human is perfect, and remember, no one forced you to swear "for better for worst" on the alter.

6. pray together. Wives don't take this for granted. Any couple 👫 who prays together stays together. Prayer is the tool you use to control those aspects you can not handle on your own.


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