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Ladies Behold Types of Men You shouldn’t Allow to Take You to Alter


Every woman surly wants to be treated fine. They want to love and be loved and most importantly they want to pride about having the best man during their gatherings with friends.  But unfortunately some who go out looking for love  end up getting headaches. The worst feeling every woman wants to experience is a suffering relationship it makes them hide the swollen eyes and sad face under the heavy layers of makeup. Love is like water, it's actually one of the most important things that gives life, but surprisingly it can also take life. Avoid these types of men .

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1. The all knowing man:

This one doesn't ever seek or consider your opinions because he feels obviously over it all, -all knowing. He is always right while you are always wrong. Their decisions are always good and all you have to do is to follow him blind-fully. This type can drastically reduce your self worth. Because he constantly makes you feel like a puppet.

2. The cold and hot man:

I call him that because he is very sweet and romantic this minute and the next minute he has started throwing tantrums. But he always recovers himself to beg and pet you again, if beating you up is a way he shows you how much he loves you, then, sweetie, you are in a very hot soup. because the most dangerous part of this type of man, is that he can end up killing you one-day and then apologizing to your casket.

3.The arrogant and boastful type:

This type  naturally doesn't have respect for people and loves priding about their material wealth both the ones at hand and the ones he is yet to acquire! Since we are psychologically influenced either negatively or positively by those who we are very close to us, before you know it, you start becoming arrogant and boastful too.  You can't just escape it.

4. The "bossy" man:

They act like they are  very much in charge of your happiness and sadness, they switch it on and off whenever they wish . This type is capable of making you suffer psychologically. You can hardly predict them. When you think everything is getting fine, he suddenly blows it off again.

5. Unsupportive type:

This type doesn't support or even share your visions. to him you are dreaming too far. He believes you are only a woman  Therefore he must work effortlessly to  discourage you through his actions and acts as a morass to your progress. Some will blatantly tell you, "I don't want to marry a career woman" he will only drag you down 👇 Maybe you need to remind this type that the president of Liberia is still a Woman!!!


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