Treatment to Painful Migraine Headache After Waking Up

Cure to Painful Migraine Headache

Migraine Morning Headachetreatment to Migraine Morning Headache

Recent research carried out has suggested strong links between sleep disorders and migraine. Migraine is a condition that is characterized by a typical one-sided throbbing headache often along with nausea and vomiting. Although there are several common causes of migraine such as stress, sunlight, flashing lights, strong odors etc.

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But there are many migraineurs who have complained of headaches that starts early in the morning. When probed further, these victims were found to have one or the other symptom of a sleep disorder. 

Our normal sleep cycle:
A normal sleep cycle consists of 4-5 stages of sleep including the REM (rapid eye movement) phase. A person is in deepest sleep during stages 3 and 4 and this is the time when neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, also known as feel-good chemicals, are released in the body. Doctors would often tell us that, ‘Early morning migraine headache may occur as a result of  a disturbed REM phase. If the REM stage is tampered with, the release of these chemicals is lowered, and hence a person wakes up and starts feeling tired and headache’.

A migraine headache is caused by the REM sleep cycle disturbance that starts 4-6 hours after sleep has started. Therefore researchers are of the opinion that nearly half of all migraines occur between 4a.m and 9a.m.

Stress, sleep disturbance and migraine:

According to Doctors, disturbed sleep pattern is caused by today’s stressful life. Inconsistencies in meal timings along with low sleep hours and very little or no physical activity have led to a cocktail of stress hormones accumulation in the body. Due to this, the normal sleep cycle gets disturbed and when one wakes up in the morning, they do not feel refreshed the way they are ought to feel.

The challenge becomes very high to the migraineurs as poor sleep and stress may be a trigger of that painful migraine headache early in the morning. 

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Symptoms of a sleep disorder:

Unfortunately, many victims of sleep disorder are unaware of their condition. The following are some of the features that point out a sleep disorder:

  • Being unable to sleep easily
  • Tossing and turning in bed every now and then
  • Feeling irritable or depressed the following morning
  • Headache and pain in other parts of the body
  • Feeling sleepy during day time and unable to concentrate on daily work


How to overcome migraine headache due to sleep disturbance?

If you are a migraineur, the first step towards managing the condition is seeking appropriate treatment as migraine is a treatable condition. Secondly, avoid known triggers. It is the best way to avoid migraine attacks.

>> Discuss your condition with your co-workers or family members. Managing work and reducing stress will help in preventing migraine.

>> Always try to sleep and wake up at the same time. This will ensure your body’s circadian rhythm is not disturbed and the body doesn’t have to undergo stress each day.

>> Have proper meals at proper times every day. Never go to bed on a full stomach as most of the bodily processes slow down when we sleep and undigested food may cause acidity leading to a migraine headache in the morning.

>> Do not keep your mind alert while going to sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, try mind exhausting activities such as solving puzzles, crosswords etc 1-2 hours before going to bed.

Although there is no evidence to suggest that good sleep will eliminate bouts of migraine completely, but having a good night sleep and rest will positively help in managing migraine. If you frequently wake up with headache in the morning, consult a physician immediately for medical check up. Appropriate treatment, lifestyle changes and good sleep will help you wake up feeling fresh and excited.

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