Avoid These 5 Unhealthy Meats For A Healthy Living Life

Unhealthy Meats

Unhealthy meats to avoidUnhealthy meats to avoid

It is advised to watch what you eat, so you can live a healthy life. This saying goes especially for one of the most consumed food, meat. We all do love meat and in a typical family setting, meals won’t be complete without the presence of meat.

But as delicious as meat can be, there exists some types of meat that are unhealthy for us to consume. In this article, 5 unhealthy kinds of meats that you should avoid eating would be discussed and they contain harmful substances which is not good for the body.

1. Hot dogs

They are highly processed meat, and unhealthy for consumption. Hot dogs are made with pork, chicken and steak trimmings which are added with additives like corn syrup and salt, making the combination bad.

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A single hot dog contains 410mg of sodium due to its high amount of salt used for preservation. Consuming this meat can increase the risk of getting heart diseases and hypertension.

>>2 Organ Meat such as liver

Liver which are found in animals. There are many other organ meats, we consume, but the liver is widely consumed by man and unhealthy.

Remember that the liver is an excretory organ which main function is to get rid the body of toxins. So, when liver is being consumed, the toxins are being taken into the body as well which can be harmful the body, and people with cholesterol problems should avoid or reduce the intake of liver or other organ meat.

>>3. Bacon

They contain a lot of calories which 60 percent of which are unhealthy fat. Making the say 30g of bacon contains 30 milligrams of cholesterol true. Therefore, Bacon is harmful for people with stroke and heart diseases.

>>4. Corned beef

They are widely consumed processed meat and are often used as an ingredient in salad making. However, the corned beef is not really healthy for our body because of the way it is being processed and made.

Corned beef contains a lot of saturated fat, sodium and calories. When the substance name bacon which is present in corned beef is fried, it forms a substance called nitrosamine and studies have shown that nitrosamines can increase the risk of stomach and bowel cancer.

>> 5. Fried catfish

They are usually processed by deep frying under high temperature. Most foods that are preserved or prepared under high temperatures are said to produce carcinogens that can often lead to cancer.

Catfish also contain harmful toxins like lead and mercury because they live near the bottom of the water.

In conclusion

To live a healthy life, one is advised to reduce the intake of this kind of meats stated above and take more of fruits.

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