Drug Resistant Shigella Infection

International commuters should be aware of the fact that, 243 cases of a new drug resistant strain of shigella have been identified worldwide. The new Ciprofloxacin resistant strain leads to bloody diarrhea and is spreading quite fast.

Shigellosis, is an active infection with shigella. It usually lasts a week or so and troubles one’s bowels for months. The normal strain seems to afflict around 500,000 Americans each year, according to a study released by CDC on Thursday, from previous years.

Drug resistance isn’t new here. Only about 2 percent of shigella detected in the U.S. showed resistance to Cipro previously. This recent outbreak is absolutely beating previous records.

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Dr. Tom Friedel, CDC Director, in a brief statement, said “Drug-resistant infections are quite difficult to treat and because shigella circulates so easily between people, the potential for more and larger outbreaks is, indeed, a real concern”.


He went further to say “We’re moving quickly to implement a national strategy to curb antibiotic resistance because we can’t take for granted that we’ll always have the drugs we need to fight common infections”.

Shigella is a dangerous infection that can be easily contacted under most innocent conditions. Just fail or forget to wash your hands; that’s all it takes. Any average person can do a great deal to control and suppress the spread and contamination of this infection. All they have to do is wash their hands more often. It, indeed, saves lives.

If, eventually, you do end up getting this drug resistant, shigella, just take heart, we have a whole lot of antibiotics beyond Ciprofloxacin which will be able to handle this thing with minimal fuss.

Antibiotic resistance is going to be more of an issue in the future for all of us if appropriate measures ain’t taken. The haphazard use of antibiotics today has already guaranteed that there will be a great deal of resistant bacteria and viruses to deal with in the future.

The way to reduce, drastically, the gaining of these super powers is to take the courses of antibiotics that you have been prescribed completely and properly.  Endeavor to always follow your doctor’s and your pharmacist’s recommendations regarding your medications.

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