Tips on Lemon – The Acid Alkaline Muddle

Very many of us grew up with many teachings from our parents or grandparents, who, often times, keeps telling us to improve our lifestyle and add simple things to our daily routine, to enable us grow as healthy adults. One of such teachings that I can clearly remember was to have a glass of lemon juice as a wake up drink every morning. Then, like a good obedient child, I really tried to follow it for many years without questioning.

However, as wisdom seeped in and my horizon became more widened, I began to wonder how important it is? Is it necessary for me to continue taking it.
Most recently, I have wondered and pondered about lemon, and its acid-alkaline chaos.
There is a widespread misunderstanding and misconception about the pH value of lemon inside and outside the body.  We all know that a food is acidic when its pH value is less than 7. The pH value of lemon is, I think,around 2.3, making it highly acidic. This should not be a surprise as lemons are loaded with both citric acid and ascorbic acid.


However, it is interesting and important to note that once lemon juice has been fully metabolized, it has an alkalizing effect. This actually implies that it drastically reduces the overall acidity in the

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Maintaining the alkalinity of the body is very important as the tissues and organs tend to breakdown rapidly, in an acidic environment, and become toxic waste, which should be removed from the body for it to remain healthy.
Even though lemon is an effective alkalizing agent, it also acts as an excellent diuretic and enables one get outright rid of these toxins.

It’s also important to know that lemon juice helps the body with important minerals and vitamins that are, of course, vital for our health and provides numerous health benefits, some of which are:

1. When consumed very early in the morning, it acts on adipose tissues and cellulite tissues to support weight loss.
2. It is helpful in treating fatty liver.
3. It tries to eliminate bad breath and body odor.
4. Of course it boosts immunity.
5. It helps to improve skin health and texture.
6. It also smoothen the wrinkles and makes the skin radiant.
7. It is very helpful for the removal of toxins from the body.
8. It facilitates the elimination and dissolution of uric acid.
9. It enhances the health and functions of the liver.
10. It helps to treat chest infections and reduces chronic cough.
11. Strengthens nails when they are soaked in a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice for 10 – 15 minutes.
12. It serves as cancer prevention. 
13. Lemon is loaded with anti-cancer properties; as many as 22 cancer fighting compounds are identified in lemons.
14. It quite helpful for the destruction of the intestinal worms.
15. It improves blood pressure scores.

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