Healthy & Happy Ageing Guide

Senescent (Ageing) is a forward process which goes on perpetually but more conspicuous in the last years of life.Although, senescent calls for a swing in lifestyle. Nevertheless the aged can still relish a much more salubrious life if their physical, phrenic, socio-emotional health are well taken care of or victualed.

Senescent comes with less interest in health and behavioural sciences compare to other health issues like maternal, child healthcare and adolescent sexuality, just to mention a few in developing countries like people in America today can expect to live longer than afore.

Healthy & Happy Ageing Guide

Once you made it up to 65yeras the data suggest that you can live another 19.3 years, on average. Ageing or senescence is not a disease itself and the adolescent people of today must realize that.

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Here are some of the fundamental needs required for an salubrious senescent process

-Good shelter and efficient housing.
-Adequate heating in cold countries to obviate hypothermia.
-Good pabulum.
-Giving them attention when they are sick(High caliber of concentration).
-Assistance with fundamental daily activities if compulsory.
-They should be placed in reserved areas



Due to low caliber income and poor oral health and poor mobility to prepare victuals, shopping, solitude etc leads to alimental quandaries. Although they may need less calories however they require to victual balanced diet like any group to meet their quotidian requisites.


Discoloration of teeth due to tobacco, tea and oral bacteria may not promote the personality of the aged very well. Like all other components, oral tissues withal aged and the teeth themselves leading to attrition and teeth erosion.
 some of the diseases cognate to dental aged person are;
-Gingivitis; This is the inflammation of the gums. The gums of many adults receded and exposing the roots. It is conventionally caused by bacteria associated with plague and calculus, it occurs at puerile age when plague or calcium buildup as brushing and flossing are neglected leading to gingivitis causing the teeth falling away.

-Candidosis; It occurs only in patient of 70 years and above. It may be as a result of dehydration, drugs, diabetes mellitus,smoking at early age of life etc.


It is most commonly found among old people especially those who are over 65 years which makes them to misunderstand conversation, auricularly discerning impairment in senescence apart from senescent process may withal be due to exposure to perpetual exorbitant loud noises, drug effect,tumors, stroke, heredity etc.

Some of the auditory perception quandaries associated with the aged are;
-Conduction auditory impairment.


The cells of the body are in perpetual multiplication, magnification and sustaining injury etc. In cancer the cells stop reproducing themselves in an orderly fashion leading to disorganization and proliferation of cells which if not ceased leads to death of the patient. The widely proliferating cells customarily converge in a mass kenned as neoplasm or tumor. It is caused as a result of oil pollution in sea foods, cigarette smoke,power plant emission etc. Other substances if utilized by man that may likely cause cancer.

    The following are major risk factors for prevalent cancers;

-Lump or nipple discharge.
-History of breast cancer
-Over age 35 and especially over 50.
-Never had children.

-Poor oral hygiene.
-Cumbersomely hefty smoking.
-Cumbersomely Hefty imbibing.

-Aged 60+
-Arduousness with passing urine.

-Family history.
-Diet included many smoked or salted foods.

     Other cognate aged diseases are;
Diabetes mellitus.
Extravagant corpulence.
Ocular perceiver quandaries.
Noetic illness.


1. Take lots of vegetables, salad and fruits.

2. Ascertain they consume much fruits each day and should take varieties of fruits.
3. Intake of high fibre options
4. Taking proteinous foods like lean meat, poultry and fish avails to supersede dead cells.
5. Evade high intake of salt.
6. Take much fluid to stay hydrated like dihydrogen monoxide and natural fruit drinks.
7. Ensure they take heart-salubrious fats and evade victualing them with with saturated or animal fat which can be found in sausages, meat pie, butter etc and withal trans adipose. Feed them opportunely with mono unsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat which avails to the heart and reduces cholesterol simultaneously.

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