Vital Things to do During Asthma Attack

Asthma Attack
As the weather undergoes constant changes and more pollen being released into the air, many people that are prone to asthma are likely to to experience an asthma attack. Hence, it’s pertinent to note that an acute asthma attack is an emergency and can be very fatal if severe enough.  As informed and educated citizens, we ought to know the remedies to undertake when one of us gets an acute attack of asthma.

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Call for help
As emphasized earlier, an acute attack of asthma is an emergency and can be rapidly and horribly fatal. If not is done with immediate effect to aid the victim, the person might land up in a condition called respiratory failure. So, it is important to call the ambulance at 102 or 911 in situations as such.

Asthma Attack Tips

Give them their inhaler
The person should be aided to sit down comfortably upright and let lossen his/her tight clothing. Most asthmatics should endeavor to always carry their inhaler around all the time. You can even use a borrowed one if a person does not have his/her own inhaler at any point or instant when you have symptoms of the attack.
When  an asthmatics person gets an attack, help him/her take three puffs of the inhaler as quickly as possible. If there is little or no improvement after taking three puffs of the inhaler, repeat the process every five minutes till help arrives.
When the attack is severe, you can give six to eight puffs every five minutes.

Give oxygen
As soon as the paramedics arrives, endeavor to get the person to a source of oxygen very quickly. Oxygen needs to be given at 8L/minute in order to maintain the oxygen levels in the blood.

Administer nebulized drugs
Nebulization is a process or procedure whereby a liquid is converted or modified into a fine vapor which people with asthma can inhale. Nebulized drugs reach the smallest airways and dilate them, thus allowing better breathing.
The two drugs commonly used for this purpose are Salbutamol and Terbutaline. One of the major limitations of nebulization is that it requires a special kind of apparatus called Nebulizer. Albeit, many people who have severe asthma do have one at home.
Put 2 ampoules of salbutamol (each containing 5 mg salbutamol) into the nebulizer and switch it on.
Next, put a mask on the patient’s face. Typically, the patient should be relieved in 10-15 minutes.

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Asthma InhalerConsult an asthma specialist
Any victim of an acute asthma attack should endeavor to consult or seek the attention of a respiratory medicine specialist for proper control of asthma. People with poorly controlled asthma should be put on a course of steroids to begin with. Long term management would include inhaled steroids and What to do in case of an Asthma Attack. 

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