5 things you may experience this Xmas.

How time flies, gradually we are now at the last month of the year.
Christmas is a long awaited festival celebrated all over the world.
It comes with its unique goodies and sweet feelings of excitement.

It’s a time we unite and have good time with our families and friends both home and abroad.

Christmas also comes with its experiences and implications.
Some of us may likely have these experiences:

1. You may realize by January that you have actually spent more money this Xmas than necessary. And this may leave you broke.

2. Many men are going to enter into an unplanned marriage by next year because of an unplanned pregnancy that will occur this Xmas.

3. Most guys are going to lose their girlfriends to a richer dude. (Lol you can trust Nigerian slay queens)

4. The poor guys who could not afford anything, will silently pray in their hearts “Let God end the world so everybody can start afresh”

5. Most Ladies will experience promise and fail marriages this Xmas, because the proposal was either done due to the influence of alcohol or just to get into their legs.

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