Because I hate traveling
Because window side
Because air
Because sight seeing
Because rest
Because comfort,

I always buy my ticket a day before and make sure I get the window side sit for myself.


“Lagos!!! Onitsha!!!! Port Harcourt!!! Benin !! Ghana!!! Ibadan!!!!”

” Bros, where you dey go?? “
 ” Aunty hafar, make I EPP you carry load”
” Mummy, onitsha remain one sit, e go move jus now ” “reeeeeeeeeeeeecha carddddd!!! rechard card”
” ‘ your power bank here , your charger, your memory card”
“Cold pure water, cold table water”
” buy your handkerchief”
” my colour, hian, see as you resemble man, you dey play ball? Abi you dey run? Answer na….”
” pssss pssss, tom tom, orbit ,baba blue, buy your kola”
” bambiala, Allah Allah, bambiala “

……..they all practically left one after the other after advertising their goods at the park that morning.

I was almost late as I left home a bit late so they were already checking up,sighted my bus with the number, I tendered my receipt and I went straight to my sit, said my prayers , brought out my ear piece, scrolled to the music feature on my phone, to the Album with Christian music, I played my favorite ” Tope Alabi,”Kokoro igbala” then Frank Edward takes over before I switch to ” Alahji, omode yi o ma wo pata!!!!

Often what I do before listening to circular music’s. Smiles.


Under 20 minutes, the bus was filled with bags and their owner. As usual, The park pastor said his prayer, I didn’t want to partake because they always end up sounding ridiculous ,forcing money with threat out of you .but I thought ” let one person not use me as a point of a testimony, stating how people died because they didn’t say amen to the park pastor prayer and how only her that did came out unhurt” .so ,I did.

“Good morning passengers, I am captain Chinedu, I’ll be taking you on a smooth ride to Lagos, our speedometer is 100: 120. Please let’s corporate, Thank you ” Said the Driver_ captainšŸ˜€.

We moved!!!!!


We haven’t even left Asaba when the lady beside me started sleeping like she’s home, never seen one who sleep and snores in a commercial bus, I did. She kept hitting me with her head but each time she does, I feel a bakery hot head.

I woke her to ask why she is so hot, and she said she’s sick and going home for treatment. Ah!!!! You are running temperature, would you mind panadol extra? She didn’t oblige, I did give her two and told her to place her head on my laps , within some minutes, the temperature reduced.

While the Captain kept disturbing me with one dry noisy recorded comedy ,the others laughed and I kept wondering, what’s funny?

Some were arguing keenly football clubs, while some argued Nigeria and it’s issue.

I slept too,resting my head beside the bus window.

“Captain, na your kind I dey like jare, breaking the rules” I heard this from my sleep , opened my eyes and heard the complete statement ” no be ore we don reach so “? I checked my time, the driver obviously drove more than the speedometer he should. I felt scared but a bit happy I’ll soon be in Lagos and the lady will also get treatment soon.

As usual, we were welcomed with ” lily of the valley, my trust is in you”

See, anywhere I hear that song, I always feel I’m in ore.

I woke my new found friend again and pleaded she eat something, she requested for snacks and boost, I could afford it so I got it for her. she bit small, took the boost more,she offered me but me declined, I don’t eat while traveling.  Thanked me and gave me a hug. She’s chesty though, so it was soothing.

We stood beside the car waiting for others , she couldn’t stand for long, she bent down and I assured her she’ll be fine.

Not long, we moved again and she returned back to her position, my laps. A little touch to check her, I did often.


When we got to Ogun state, some passengers wanted to drop when the driver realized the tire behind needs pumping, so he ordered we all come down.

I tried waking my friend up but it seems difficult
I whispered into her ear
I called her
I pinched
Increased my beating
Lifted her head, looks lifeless and dropped!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went cold. This time, everyone was down and waiting for us.

“Make una come daan na” they all shouted. No be your sister, wake am now. “I…I..I..I.. A……mmm ” I stammered. no be your sister?? She’s not, I don’t know her.

“You don’t? Yet you gave her drugs, you don’t, you bought her food?? You don’t ,you made her sleep on you? You don buy market “

… they said differently.

Before I could say, I only helped, they already dragged me down, brought her lifeless body out and told me to wake her.

“You better wake am
You don use am”
“This small boy, oh na girl sef
Who send you “
“Oya. Oya wake am!!!!!!!!!

While they said these, slaps and knocks that landed on my head like a building were uncountable.

I knelt down there begging her to wake and put them to shame , to vindicate me.
Before I could raise my head, the crowds felt like they came for Shiloh, different stutter sounds, picture of me taken, numerous questions I couldn’t even respond to one.

“Na so them dey do”
“See as she innocent”
“E don dry the girl blood”

“Your people go come meet your come for here
Killer!!!!!! Apayan , Evil!!! Tufia!!!!! “

Ah!! Someone’s child, you killed her just like that, how much were you paid?

Ikunle abiyamo oooooooo

Tueh!!!! A thick phlegm landed on my nose taking a stroll down to my swollen lips.

All effort to say I say I didn’t kill her fell on deaf ears.
My own tears almost drowned me.

I felt a cold breeze all over me, in a jiffy, I was stark naked, I couldn’t even recognize any part of my body as they were swollen. It all happened so fast .they hit me with almost every object in the world.

Immediately I saw tires from the angry mob, I knew it was over, I only bent, brought my mouth close to her ears and told her;

“Babe,hold on for me, I’m coming “

I laid beside her waiting to be burnt to death by those with tires and gallons obviously of petrol.

” Ketu ojota mile 2, ketu ojota, wole pelu change e,”

 ” person wey no come down here ,na Yaba be my last bus stop o, i no go stop for oshodi o , The driver yelled .

I felt a tap on the shoulder…

” Thanks dear, I’ll be coming down here, thanks for the care ,my friend said “

I FAINTED!!!!!!!

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