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Our whole lives, we keep searching
for “the perfect partner”, “the right
person”, or “the one”—you can see
that it’s a lot of weight we put on one
person and the ways in which they
are going to affect our lives.

become paramount; second to nothing
and no one, period. But, while on our
quest to find this person, we put so
much effort and focus into deciding
whether or not they are the right
partner, that we forget what to do
once we’ve checked off the list of
things that qualify them as one. What
happens after you’ve decided that this
is “the one”—even if it’s just for the
moment? Do you pick up another
checklist to sift through? Or do you
mereThemly sit back and watch what
unfolds? Word of advice: Do neither!
Instead, when you find the right
partner, do all that is in your power—
and maybe go a little out of your way,
even—to make them stay, and be the
right partner in turn, for them.

When you meet someone who fills
you up in all the good ways,
remember to appreciate them;
whether it’s in conversations you
have about them with others, or if it’s
a conversation between the two of
you. Never stop telling someone what
you like about them. Why? For the
simple reason that this person needs
to know the way that they affect you.


Everyone who comes into our lives
does so for a reason. Some of them
leave unexpectedly, some of them, we
leave. And other times, some leave
quite mutually without any prior
intimation. It happens. Nothing is
ever a coincidence. And if you apply
it to a person, then you can be rest
assured that the only reason the two
of you met was because somewhere,
somehow, you were seeking each
other out without really knowing it.
The problem is once we have
someone in our lives, we forget to be
thankful for that person. So, the next
time you forget to be grateful for him,
or her, remember when you wanted
them to be a part of your life so much
but didn’t have that certainty as yet.

More often than not, relationships
turn sour because we either spend
way too much time concealing how
we feel because we don’t want to
appear vulnerable to the other
person. It’s become more of a battle
of egos over time where we’ve begun
to feel as if the person who expresses
their truest feelings and secrets is the
one who is weak in a relationship and
the one who hides things holds all the
cards. It’s actually the other way
around. And one day, you realize that
the only reason something never
worked out was because you couldn’t
muster up the courage to actually tell
someone how you felt. And then, all
you’re left with is a bunch of ‘what-

Sometimes, the reason why two
people are destined to be together has
nothing at all to do with reason
anyway! Ever think about that? And
that inexplicable reason is enough to
bind two people together. So, the next
time you start second-guessing the
whole damn thing and start
wondering why they’re with
‘someone like you’, stop. The
important point here is that this
person—in all of their being—is with
you. Nothing else matters.

We’ve tailored our brains into not
expecting and in turn, not being held
responsible; especially when it comes
to another person. No wonder today
we have concepts like “open
relationships”, “no strings attached”
and “live-ins” instead of one simple
monogamous relationship, or
marriage. We don’t want to be held
accountable. We want easy in-easy
out. We don’t know what’s real
anymore because we don’t know how
to expect and, in turn, meet someone
else’s expectations. But, when you
find your right partner, you want to
be there for them; you want to be
responsible and you want to prioritize
them. And whether they tell you or
not, they want the same things. So, put
aside your egos and apprehensions
and just give them your heart and
soul in expecting and meeting
expectations with this person.
Expectations are good. It means that
someone thinks of you being capable
of more than just what you may be in
a moment.

You have the power to affect a person;
just like one person has the power to
affect you. We are human. We were
created to connect with other
humans. So if someone affects you—
emotionally, physically, mentally and
spiritually; and vice versa, be more
attuned to this sensitivity. And know
the affect you cause on a person.
Then, work with that and this person’s
best interest in mind. It’s not just
about you anymore. If it was, then
you wouldn’t be with this person. So,
stop disconnecting with it and
ignoring that. This is probably the one
time that ignorance won’t lead to

You are here. They are here. All of
time has come to exist in this one
moment which can be infinite.
Understand this. And be present. Pay
more attention this person—what
they’re saying, where they are, what
they’re doing and whether or not the
two of you are in each other’s
peripheries. Truth is, you always are,
even when they’re not physically
around. But, the problem is we tend
to let go when they’re out of sight; it’s
not that you don’t care because you
do; it’s not that you’re not thinking
about them because you can’t stop
doing that. But, you’re really not
doing anything beyond that are you?
Maybe pick up the phone and tell
them you’re just thinking about them.
There doesn’t always have to be a
reason more concrete than that. It
doesn’t matter what time in the day,
or night it is. Just be there and let
them know that you are.

Fear can never be greater than faith.
Go back to the first time you met this
person; to the way they made you feel
—the joy and the curious certainty
with which you began to look forward
to every minute spent with them. You
weren’t scared; you knew what you
wanted. Look at you now—you have
each other, just what you wanted. So
what do you have to fear now? That it
will somehow go wrong? That it’s too
good to be true? That they don’t
deserve you and vice versa? Think
about this: everything in the past has
gone wrong so in the present, thing
can go right. Sometimes, the truth is
as good as it gets; the Universe isn’t
out to get you—it’s quite the contrary
I assure you. So, don’t be scared
because when two people who want
to be together, are together, they can
overcome the sum of all fears.

Never stop fighting for them and what
you have. You believed in it in the
beginning. You saw the magic that
could happen just by being with this
someone. So remember that and stick
to that. Remember the way this
person made you feel even if it was
the tiniest amount of goodness for the
least amount of time. If it was enough
to draw you to them and them to you,
it is enough to get you through the
roughest of patches. Remember
wanting to put them above and
beyond all else and remember the
promises you secretly made without
them knowing. Sometimes, a person;
a connection is deeper and larger
than the worst mistakes you make. If,
at the end of the road, you still see
yourself with this person; even if
that’s as bleak a possibility as any and
you just so much as desire it, then,
fight for it till your last breath.

Feelings come. They have no rhyme;
no reason and function
unconditionally. You won’t stop
loving someone if they do something
wrong, or make a mistake; or
unintentionally hurt you. It doesn’t
work that way. You love them despite
it all. That’s the only point of finding
yourself being with the right person
at the right time. That it’s
unconditional. The day you find
yourself putting conditions to your
feelings, know that you’re either doing
it wrong, or you never got it right to
begin with. But, if it’s unconditional,
then just stick to that. And then, let it

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