YBNL boss, Olamide gets 1m views on his song “Wo” despite the ban.

Nigerian singer, Olamide was said to have promoted tobacco in his new  song and because of that it must attract a fine of 1m including a one year jail term.

The ban by the Nigerian broadcasting commission on Olamide’s song Wo, has turned from punishment to be a blessing as this has popularized the song more, inviting more curious onlookers.

The number of People who visited it in the Ytube increased rapidly within a short period of time.
The YBNL boss could not hide his excitement as the views grew to 100,000 this week.

He said:
My people sorry this is coming late but thanks for all the love and support ❤️❤️❤️ thanks for taking it to a mill in a week !!! Oya wo !! #WoChallenge

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