Unbelievable thing man did to celebrate Buhari’s return.

Buhari’s long  trip to London was one that sparked so much fire especially in the social medias.
Many lamented while others turned it into  a joke why a president should stay so long away from his country. 

Yesterday was like the long awaited day. When President Buhari eventually returned home. 

One staunch supporter of Buhari who has endlessly prayed the president returns home, said he has to drink mud water to show his excitement about the president’s return. He wrote on his facebook page :

“The Full Covenant of the Covenant If You Want to Become Full Member When You Make a Covenant Try To Fill.
I promise every day that President Buhari returns to Nigeria from his trip to London, and I will drink water because of the pain of depression.
Alhamdulillah! God filled me with my head and drank water”.

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