Some of the things we worry about in life, and how they actually are.

Yes we are all human, the tendency to worry about certain things in life will always be there. That’s for sure. and many things we see are not actually the way they are.

1. In this jet age almost every one is using on of the social medias. We watch different pictures and videos uploaded by our long time friends, they looked so beautiful and fresh skinned. The backgrounds of the pictures were quiet in enviable places, and we suddenly started feeling our lives are the worst, we start feeling things are going on well for them far more than us.
Now you have to pause! You know why? Because people tends to promote their lives in the social medias more than it actually is in real life.

If it’s about the bodies remember, with the advancement of technology in phones, pictures glitter so beautifully.
Secondly, No poor man will like to take pictures in the cubicle were he’s living and post it on the social media. So forget about the luxurious places you see, many of them are fake

2. We worry so much about how we want our future to be. Without knowing if we are even guaranteed that tomorrow. Av seen someone who was worried about his business he wants to embark on in a month time. But he died the next 3 days. Without even seeing the end of the week.

3. We worry that our friends relationships or marriages are better than ours. Many of our friends tells us how caring and lovely their spouses are, just to boast their relationship and sound like the best. But in reality urs may be far Better. Some women lie about how much money their boyfriends/husbands gives them, just to feel valued but the truth is that she may actually be the one funding the relationship.

4. Sometimes it’s not actually the business that pays, but what people do behind the cameras!  If you want to follow them and run the same type of business, you will run and get tired. Many indulge in diabolic acts while making everything seem normal. Av seen a man build mansions just from the selling of “chewing stick”. You that is earning little, legally you are better than him.

5. Looks! This one is highly deceptive…. Some people have very innocent faces, humble voices, some may even be dressing like “deeper life” members, they can use this innocent looks to dupe others  cos most of them their hearts are far away from humanity. In reality, you will be shocked when you see what they do in the dark

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