OMG! Why Olamide may be sent to jail because of his song Wo!

Nigerian talented singer, Olamide recently dropped his hit song titled “Wo” which has been a bomb on the social medias.

The music which featured in many dancers smoking and using tobacco in the ghetto has seriously attracted much attention from the  the government.

The Federal government of Nigeria banned a couple of songs this year which was considered unhealthy for the general public, they include, “Fall” by davido, and “IF” remix.. Among others.
According to the minister of health the video scenes are capable of promoting tobacco intake and ruining the life of the youths.
And this act in regards to the 2015 tobacco control act, which states that anyone who violates it will be charged with the sum of 3m and one year jail term.
He said:
“The content & video contains scenes that violate the ban on Tobacco Advertising, Promotion & Sponsorship provision of the act #ClearTheAir”,

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