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Last week I went to my tailor’s and met a gentleman I later found out was 74, who was there to repair the tailor’s generator.

While talking he said that being at the tailor’s reminded him of an incident when he was 3 or 4. His mother bought a beautiful piece of fabric and told him she was going to get it made into a lovely outfit for him. Now I don’t know the specifics but one day afterwards he went to the tailor’s and found the fabric cut into several pieces. He ran home to tell his mother that the fabric had been destroyed, crying along the way. But his mother gently explained the process of dress-making to him, saying something along the lines of, “for you to get that outfit you want, it has to first be cut into pieces and then sown together to become whole again.

By the time the gentleman finished speaking I knew I had received a life lesson. Sometimes you pray to God for Him to make something of your life. But when you look at that life it seems like everything is in pieces, that it is a mess because things seem all over the place; nothing seems to make sense; nothing seems to be coming together.

But like a tailor, God has cut the fabric of your life into many pieces. And while you experience this disjointed feeling, He is actually putting the pieces together in the proper way, not necessarily the way you thought of, to make a beautiful outfit, one far better than you ever imagined.

Wherever you currently find yourself in the tailoring process, my counsel to you is to hold on. God has not finished with you yet. He is at work, working towards making you whole again, and more beautiful than you can ever imagine. If, like the infant version of the elderly gentleman, you feel the urge to cry, follow his example and run into the arms of the One who loves you above all others, and let Him lovingly reassure you that all is well and going according to the plan.

Don’t give up sweeties in the house.

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