A beggar who makes 300k every month confesses to have faked his blindness

With the level of recession in the country, people are taking to different means whether legal or illegal just  make ends meet.

One self acclaimed beggar,  identified as Abdullahi Abbas, parades the streets of Ikorodu everyday with a 12 year old boy  claiming to have visual difficulties.

According to reports he makes the amount of 8000 naira  every day but in some occasions when there’s no “market” he said he makes up to 5500 naira.

Abbas was caught after a resident

 of the area where he normally stay to do his begging business caught him that he was not actually blind. Adeoye Baliks was said to have raised an alarm, alerting people.

This infuriated the youths in the area who tried to beat and burn the man  before he was luckily rescued by the police, who then arrested him.

Considering how real his eyes looked one would never notice or suspect anything fishy. This singular action has discouraged many people from obeying the part of the scripture that talks about giving of arms.

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