Nigeria man allegedly pleaded with his female neighbour for his teen son to have sex with her teen daughter

Funny but true. A Nigeria man name withheld
allegedly pleaded with his female neighbour to allow his teen son have sex with her teen daughter so they could find out if his penis is still working fine. According to the boy a middle-aged man identified as Taoheeb had touched him in a suspicious manner as he walked along the road in Idimu and this caused his penis to shrink. It was also claimed that it made him unable to have an erection. This  caused serious commotion and the suspect was attacked by thugs. Police intervened in time to rescue the suspec tlhe was taken to the Area M Command, Idimu, Lagos
At the Police Command, the suspect respectedly denied tampering with the victim’s penis and said he was ready to accept whatever punishment was given to him if it was discovered that indeed he tampered with the boy’s penis. 
P.M. Express gathered that someone suggested that the boy should go and test his manhood with a sex worker, but his parents objected, saying it was against their religious belief and he was too young for sex workers. The father then called the female neighbour aside and begged her to allow his son test the efficacy of his penis on her teen daughter.
The neighbour then asked the man what will happen if his son impregnates her daughter in the course of testing, considering he’s not old enough to get married. The boy’s father was unable to answer and this amused spectators. 
After all effort for the boy to have sex with his teen neighbor was lost then the suspect was released from the station.
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