How you can experience Break through in every situation

Break forth means break through, to break away,to break open, break in pieces. Life challenges tends to put one in an enclosure. Imagine when someone is in physical/governmental prison. When someone is arrested and put behind bars. At first he may try to resist arrest but once he is finally arrested and put behind bars, he's usually helpless. Simply sits down and keep staring at the place. Often times their mind will drift to the past - how did I get here? What happened?

What would I've done that I didn't do? Who do I blame for my circumstance? The mind usually settles in the past and makes for regrets and depression. This is also how life problems tends to make us. Initially you try to resist the problem. Finally it seems reality has dawn on you. Before you know it, you're helpless and your mind is filled with regrets, blames resulting to misery, frustration, helplessness and depression. *Life problems most times are like spiritual prison, no breathing space, like a chain reaction affecting everything And this often make people reside to fate and feel helpless, hopeless in certain situations.* Are you in such prison this morning?
Action point:Blames, regrets, feelings of frustration, misery, pity party, tears cannot change any situation, the solution to prison is to break out, break away, break open, break in pieces and that's break forth. So brace up for a breaking forth this month - speak to God not about the situation but on what to do to break forth as you await this month's classes!_ Goodmorning Isaiah 11 and 12.

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