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Happy end of the sixth month. Breaking forth on every side. The 5 keys listed in this month will surely answer to any prison door of life.

It will provoke divine remembrance that will birth divine visitation and result in break forth. I see you break forth this second half of the year! Your life will never remain the same! The change God is bringing your way will be total turnaround for the world to celebrate with you! Break forth on every side! take possession of your dreams! manifest your vision! enjoy a higher and better state of life! Receive grace to conceive and birth your goals and idea, may heaven pay you a visit! Let God's mercy and goodness tabernacle with you this second half of the year!

May your sacrifice and giving this season be remembered! Receive better financial status, marital status, social status, career status, academic status, in the name of Jesus!!! Hope to receive your testimonies and comments. Feel free to share, or inbox me if its confidential and I will respond promptly. All our details are accessible from our Facebook page including our present location, account details, phone number and the rest. We love you, keep enjoying triumph on a daily basis! Reform, transform, be restored and dominate your world. We celebrate you!

*Action point: Be resolute to break forth at all times. Take action towards your dissatisfaction even if it doesn't seem to work at the first, second, third step... But make sure all other steps are in place whereas prayer and giving keeps recycling till you arrive at your expectation. See you at your testimony lane and ensure you share them with me! Give God praise!* I celebrate you.Isaiah 65 and 66.

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