How Kourtney Kardashian reacted about his ex, womanizing habit.

Kourtney Kardashian’s ex and the father of her 3 kids, Scott  disick, seem to have been “Flexing” and having good time with a lot of ladies while in his trip to Cannes as his birthday celebration continues.

The reality star was spotted  hanging by the pool with Ella Ross , who was overwhelmed by the presence of the star while comfortably sitted on his laps , and U.K. blogger, Maggie Petrova.

But according to Maggie she wouldn’t like rumor mongers spoiling her name as she quickly noted that nothing  is actually going on between them. “Scott and I are just friends—we are staying at a friend’s villa together. There is nothing going on.”

Earlier on, Scott had been spotted with Bella Thorne whom he engaged in some pool side kisses and romance with.

He was also seen, walking around while holding Chloe Bartoli.

Watsup with him and all these women?
Kourtney  really has moved on and “could care less what Scott does with other girls.”

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