Things you never knew about being happy.

Putting on a smile on your face constantly works wonders. 
Everyone sincerely wants to be happy. But is it everyone that gets it?

This is something  that doesn’t cost us a single penny, then why is it so expensive to achieve.?

1. If you set impossible criteria for your happiness, then it will be impossible for you to be happy. Because life itself is not a romance novel. You don’t have to be too demanding, you will live more fulfilling life if you are the type that finds happiness in every little thing life offers you.

2. Don’t always rely on outside sources for ur happiness. Remember that the only person that will always be there for you is you. In the midst of thick darkness even your own shadow will leave you. It’s nice to trust and have fun with others but don’t see them as a do or die stuff. you will always find life difficult and challenging if you constantly rely on outside sources of happiness.

3. Attitude!  This is very important. The way you see life  will directly affect you! Any name you call your dog is what it bears. Some of us are easy going while others reads meanings and faults in every situation. The way you handle issues matters. Yes, what makes us sad is not our problems, but because we have refused to stop worrying about those problems.

4. Don’t allow people’s actions determine your mood. They can say the words they want to, we can’t stop them, they can decide on how to treat us we can’t stop them, they can throw us out of their lives we can’t still stop them, but we can stop them from choosing our moods. Yeah!  But the problem is that we sometimes forget that we have a choice. We all have the power to choose our approach towards life, to choose happiness over sadness but how many utilize this power? When you give so much relevance to issues that’s when it borders us most.

5. Worrying is different from thinking. Do you know that when you analyze your problems over and over again you are worried. But when you sit to bring out ideas and ways to tackle your  problems, then you are thinking. Thinking solves situations and put you in a part to happiness while worry is a total waste of time, it steals away your time and keeps you very busy doing nothing!

So how happy can you make your life?

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