Reformers digest for today


*To triumph also means to receive the honor of a triumph. Bestowing on you honour which you may not directly have fought in.*

For instance when a company stands out - everyone enjoys a pay rise, banquet or ceremonial celebration; By virtue of friendship/marriage, you happen to know/attend dignitaries forum and have the opportunity to meet, snap,and interact with them.

That implies you triumphed by the honour bequeathed to you. *In this case Jesus fought the battle, conquered Satan, death and hell. He defeated sickness, poverty and death and then gave us the honour of victors.* No matter the level of religious activity we engage in, our triumph is a honour bequeathed on us by the conqueror (Jesus).

So this month you will enjoy triumph. By the triumph of Jesus,  you will experience honour in your life. Any area that depicts shame, lacking honour and virtue, you're triumphing in that area. In fact God will raise people that will do the fighting and then give you victory cheaply.

They will save/work for long hours and they will give you the money on a platter of gold. They will sell/give you properties, assets on a platter of gold. All their sleepless night to acquire things, they won't count on it but will surrender it to you cheaply. Is your season, You're indeed triumphing on every side.
Give God the glory this morning 1 corinthians 7

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