Reformers digest for today.


How are you sure I will triumph in life? Before I answer this question, let me tell you something - am not just sure, I am hundred percent sure, in fact I can bet it with my name that you will triumph as long as you're a child of God.

You sound so confident, yes because it's not by your power or might but by God's intervention. God is at stake here because His word says so. And with God all things are possible.

 God will always make you triumph and his word is everlasting. Psalms 119:89 For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.
Be assured you can't end up like this.
 You're coming out with a testimony. You may be down but don't give up, you will soon bounce back. God's word is a settled deal.
It is concluded and sealed up in heaven, earth and hell.

 *Even the devil knows that God's word cannot return to him void, it is as powerful as God.* It must accomplish it's task. If it says you will triumph - let the situation look impossible, you will triumph. As long as you play your part in line with God's word, you will triumph.
*No force in heaven, earth or beneath the earth is strong enough to resist, oppose or stop God's word from fulfilment.* This singular truth should make any believer confident about his God. I see marriages, contracts, jobs, businesses, promotions, blissful home, restoration, assets, miraculous conceptions!
What do you see about yourself, it will be yours this season! Give God thanks it's settled. 1 corinthians 13.

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