Reformers digest for today.

Goodmorning. Today we are talking about Triumph
*Triumph also means to obtain victory. To obtain means to gain or attain usually by planned action or effort.*

 Your plans this time will come to fulfilment! Your strategy this time will work out! Your goals this time will be attained! Your purpose this time will be realised! Ooh my God, I hope someone is hungry and expectant of divine visitation this season -

 this month Your effort will yield maximum effect! You will attain victory! You will obtain victory in that area of struggles! You will have the final laugh! Your actions will be empowered by God so as to defeat every Goliath standing between you and your throne! The God of triumph causes you to triumph always as His child.

No more failure for you; no more defeat for you; no more shame and reproach; no more life of toiling and struggling to make a living; no more shall the enemy beat you below the belt; no more managing, begging and borrowing!!! I hear the drum beat of victory for you!

Your life is about to receive a dramatic turnaround!! The long awaited helper is crossing your path this month! My God, you're about to be distinguished, preferred and celebrated!

Victory is yours irrespective of the number of people against you. Their gathering is only for your next recourse of victory. Brace up, you will not be put to shame, you will obtain victory as you step out in the name of Jesus! Bless God you're victorious!!! 1 corinthians 5

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