Meet this amazing Little Boxer Who Bought His First House At 8

Tyler Ford, the incredible 9 year old boxer has set the internet on fire with his amazing achievements, beyond his age.

The genius of a boy was reported to have started boxing and earning hugely from it, it was just a hubby he has always wanted to do. among his other achievements he was able to buy his own house at eight years.

Tyler’s father said

“When he was smaller all he wanted to do was boxing as I was a world champion myself,” said Tyler’s dad Anthony Ford.
“Tyler is incredibly dedicated to fighting and being the best he can.
“Every morning before school he gets up at 6am and trains, all he thinks about is fighting.

“He is a freak fighter and has beaten fighters a lot bigger than him.
“He trains like a professional fighter and training is paying for Tyler.”
“Tyler’s fighting career has proved to be a huge success for him so much so that he owns his own house in Morriston which he rents out.”
Such is Tyler’s prowess in the ring he recently became the youngest person ever to be inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and has picked up 64 gold medals in 2016 alone.
His meteoric rise has now sparked interest of US film bosses.
“I was at an event watching Tyler fight and American film director Tim Delmar, who has directed films such as Star Wars and Train Spotting, came up to me and asked me if I was his dad,” explained Mr Ford.and that he wanted to sign him up for his new movie straight away.

“His first movie is going to be called Ying Yang and he is so excited to be in it.”
“When I replied that I was he said that he had never seen a fighter like that before

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