Ghanaian Actor Majid Michael speaks on his experience as a pastor.

Gollywood actor cum pastor, Majid Michael keeps waxing strong in his new calling.

This obviously looks surprising.
Irrespective of what people thinks.,  and
Judging by the roles he always play in his movies,
Who would have thought that this stunning actor would one day have the burning desire to be a pastor. ?

Well,  that’s the power of Change!  It’s constant.

he said in an interview with Abusa FM Ghana,
‘If you’ve a plan or goal it determines the kinds of books you read, the kind of friends you hold and the kind of people you hang around with.

Pascal and Timothy became close to me because we’ve like minds of doing the work of God and they’ve become my friends.
‘Even if we go to a hotel and I’ve a lady friend, I’m monitored by Pascal and he asks who that person is. Sometimes I can have friends who can entertain lady friends and that makes it very important to know which friends you can really move with,’
The 37 year old majib is doing what he feels is best for him and amazingly, he is doing it good

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