After years of being together, man wrote this emotional words to describe wife.

With what is happening in marriages this days, Singles are afraid to be paired up.
While those who are already married are playing PDA.

Yeah, this really got my attention.
A Nigerian man who is not yet “tired” of loving his wife, after 8 years of knowing her wrote how happy he still feels being with her.
When men appreciate their wives and wives love their husbands, won’t the home be a “made in heaven home”?

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He wrote:

It’s been 2 years since you officially acceded to the throne of Gasgold Matriarch and 7 years + since you became my friend.
I have never wished, neither will I ever wish I’d married someone else.

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Your patience, caring attitude, magnanimity, selflessness and faith are some of the sterling qualities that got me glued to you since 2009.

I wish our son will find a good wife like mine.
I named our son after you, praying he will be a good man as his mum.
Thank you for not telling me ‘it’s ok’ when I erred.

Thank you for compelling me to always make right my wrongs.
Thank you for being a first-class wife and magnificent mother.
I see bigger and better us beyond this day.

You have been standing by me and with me through thick and thin, rest assured in Christ you will not fall as the Divine Glory is about descending.
Thank you, Odunayo Abidemi.
Coming years will surely be better beyond letters.
Happy Anniversary, Harbby (My Amazing Amazon)

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