Inspirational Reformers digest.

We focused on  the lessons of progress from the life of Joseph. I pray to God that you will be so sensitive to read inbetween the lines so your life can be reformed and

transformed for an experience of glory, restoration and dominion this season. Joseph had spiritual progress by his relationship with God but that did not exempt him from trials. Some where life threatening, destiny threatening, dream threatening. The righteous and the unbeliever may experience the same situation, sickness, ordeal but the righteous will come out with a testimony but that will be the ruin and undoing of that unbeliever. *The greatest thing that can happen to anyone is to be saved and then have a living relationship with God out of revelation not assumption.*
Joseph had a beautiful coat of many colours his father gave him but the enemy stripped it off him and sold him away. The stripped his colorful cloth but not his colourful destiny. People can only betray you but they can't stop your destiny. They can only walk out of your life, abandon you but they can't determine your next helpers of destiny. They can only stop you temporarily but they can't stop you permanently. Build your life on God, there's no other secured foundation like Him nomatter someone's  promises. If you believe in God, you're progressing not moving! Goodmorning Exodus 17.

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