How Nicki reacted about Meek Mill crushing on Kylie

Since Nicki’s split with Meek Mill  the rapper has suddenly had his eyes on the reality TV star, Kylie. He was reportedly liking all of Kylie’s sexy photos on Instagram , despite the fact that the 19-year-old has a man

. “Nicki doesn’t care who Meek dates or what he does because she’s done with him,” a source exclusively said.

“But good luck to Kylie: she’ll need it and even more money than what she already spends on Tyga to take care of Meek too.” The insider continued, adding that Nicki’s resources and pocketbook ran the relationship, and claimed that Meek is pretty much a man-child.

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“All of the cars, none of which were ever repossessed, jewelry, clothes, exotic trips — all at Nicki’s expense. She was the life, the very heartbeat of that relationship,” the insider said. “She made all the bread in that relationship.
It wasn’t until after they broke up she regretted treating him like a king. She didn’t appreciate him bashing her on social media. But hey, if Kylie wants to babysit Meek and entertain him and his childish and immature petty ways, Nicki doesn’t care.”

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Kylie and tyga are two love birds that doesn’t seem they want to break up anytime soon.
But nevertheless Meek Mill is  just trying his luck.

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