Don’t expect CAN to investigate apostle Suleman’s allegations. -CAN top official revealed

Despite the calls by some Christians to pressurize the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to look into apostle Suleman’s issue, it has yielded nothing. 

A top official at the CAN’s national office told Punch that the reason is because the  organisation is not interested in barging into individual cases. According to him it is against the ethics of the organization. Therefore  CAN is not going to investigate apostle Suleman’s case because it’s personal. “We only concerned with denominational issues and not personal ones,
A Christian group, Concerned Christians, had called on CAN to investigate the allegations .
However, the CAN source said, “CAN provides an umbrella for Christian denominations and it is a bridge between the church and the nation, not between individuals. This issue has to do with individuals, ethics and morals.
So it is the denomination that Suleman directly subscribes to that should look into it and not CAN. The CAN cannot be involved. What is happening is not an official issue. It is a personal issue.
The man has denied the allegations made by the lady, but she insists and we are told that their lawyers and the appropriate authorities are already involved. If it was a matter that had to do with the church now, we would have waded into it.
You will be aware that when the man was being harassed because of what he preached and said, CAN stepped in. We declared our position on that but this other matter is a little bit complex.
If CAN comes out to say the man is being persecuted because he is a Christian, people might say that we are defending what is not defendable, and that the matter is immoral. Also, we don’t have an investigative department that deals with that in CAN.
But if he is with the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, then the body can investigate the matter. CAN is an umbrella body for denominational blocs and not for individual Christians per se.”

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