Wife got beaten up by her husband’s side chick. Must men always cheat?

This woman is certainly not having the best of times this period. Mrs Grace from Kenya revealed how she was humiliated and beaten up by her husband’s lover. this happened on 3rd of January. When the husband snatcher bite off her ear when they engaged in a fight. This is a very sad way to begin the year, she said: “while the husbands mistress visited her at her office,

“She laughed at me saying she had taken my husband away. I got angry and we began fighting. She bit my ear and swallowed the piece. I don’t know what is wrong with my husband because whenever he comes back, he complains that he is usually starved in bed and hungry. He acts very abnormally. His parents have asked him to end the relationship with the 40-year old woman but my 27-year old husband has refused to heed their call.”

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