Read how Anambra state contestants were disqualified because none of them knew the name of the president.

Wonders shall never end. As educated as they looked, it was unbelievable that none of them could answer correctly the name of the incumbent president of Nigeria, president Muhammad Buhari.

 we thought we have heard the last of Miss Anambra beauty pageant mess, after the harried one concerning Miss Anambra 2015 winner, Chidinma Okeke and the Anambra Broadcasting Services, the Yuletide has served us another juicy one from Nnewi, from same Anambra State.

This shocking incident  happened this last Friday, December 30, 2016 at the Ifeanyi Uba’s sponsored Nnewi Youths Fiesta where all the sixteen contestants for the Miss Nnewi beauty pageant were shamefully disqualified for failing to answer simple current affairs questions co

The masses gathered were thoroughly pissed for the inability of the contestants to answer questions like who the founder of the Dr. Ifeanyi Uba foundation is; What they would do if they become the president of Nigeria; and Who the president of Nigeria is? One of the contestants excitedly told the gathering that the current president of the Federal Republic is Dr. Muhammadu Buhari.
Most. Of them said, ‘No Idea.’ Yet these are supposed to be undergraduates!

Intelligence quotient At the end of the exercise, E-Daily learnt there was no winner as it was a dozen of embarrassment to the sensibilities of not only the organizers but the country as a nation

“The planners of the event should please, try and test the intelligence of would-be contestants before bringing them out for public parade. Or else, the embarrassment will continue as the state itself has not recovered from the mess

At the end of the day, no winner was declared as the organisers were thoroughly embarrassed. The car prize meant for the winner had to be taken away.. What a disgrace to Anambra sate.

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