Man cancels wedding plans after catching wife to be, in the toilet with his best friend.

This is the height of betrayal, a man, by name Baroda Roberts,  from Zimbabwe bitterly laments how his fiancee betrayed him, by sleeping with his own best friend. He posted this on facebook wall while expressing how heart broken he is. The wedding that was supposed to hold 8 months time has been cancelled.

“What a way of starting the year catching my fiancée Inonge Chana ‘making out’ in the toilet with my friend AaronAka Mubita. What did I ever do to you for you to do this to me Aaron? You were like a brother but today, you disrespect me by ‘making out’ in the toilet with a person that you even know is supposed to be my wife on the 26th of August 2017. You have finished me!!! What you guys have done is worse than killing cause just look at all cancellations of the wedding, kitchen party and most of all my life in general.. For as long as I live, my God will make you pay and wait your turn of KARMA! You two are DEAD to me!!!”

Inside the toilet??! 😱😱😕😯. Nawao!

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