Unbelievable: Two women caught trying to smuggle themselves into Europe inside suitcases

OMG!  How were they able to breathe. This two women tried to smuggle themselves into Europe with SUITCASES!!
Trouble started when the police suspected two abandoned suitcases in the train to Vienna and while trying to discover what was inside, they were shocked to find two Afghan women right inside. trying to get to Austria illegally.

A spokesman for the police force, on the border of Hungary and Romania, said: ‘Following checks we have established that the two people in question are from Afghanistan, aged 25 and 59.’
They said that they had later also arrested a man from Afghanistan who had apparently run away when he spotted the police officers and was hiding in a different part of the train pretending to know nothing about with the suitcases.
The women told police they wanted to get into the Schengen area and had resorted to using suitcases because they did not have a valid visa. But nevertheless it was reported they will soon be charged to court.

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