The kardashians exchange car gifts on Christmas day.

Christmas is a beautiful period to have get together, share good memories and exchange gifts. Whether great or small. right now The Kardashians are enjoying this wonderful privilege to the fullest. This year’s Christmas came with lots of amazing gifts. they exchanged car gifts as a unique way of celebrating the Xmas party.

Kris Jenner and grandmother Mary Jo, got
1950s era Ford Thunderbirds from their kids. Kris received a white 1956 model while her mother – also referred to as MJ Mary Jo– is the proud new owner of a fiery red one.
Kris’ mother MJ also received a red Mercedes-Benz SUV while Kris gave her man, Corey Gamble a beautiful navy 1960’s era Ford Mustang.
Kendall and Kylie excitedly ran outside of their home to see the iconic car after their mother had told them about it. The make-up mogul showed off the new ride as she said: ‘Look at what mom just gave Corey. This is so tight.’
Kylie gifted sister Kendall an Italian Greyhound just like hers and also took to Snapchat to share gifts that she and Tyga gave to his four-year-old son King Cairo and Tyga’s mother.
Kris wrote thus on Instagram :”So surprised I seriously have no words for this spectacular gift from my kids……thank you family ❤❤🎅🏼🎅🏼🎄🎄🙏🙏#blessed #family #1956thunderbird #christmasmagic #dreamcar #imaluckygirl” The exited Kris was just full of smiles.

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