Kcee’ s manager beats Harrysong’ s manager to stupor in public – Pictures

It’s no longer news that “Beta pikin” singer Harrysong left five stars music, record label.  But Kaycee’s mananager Soso is absolutely not happy about that. This has resulted in some kind of beefs and threats towards harrysongs  new manager Desmond. Recently  soso had taken  the beef to the next level by going physical. Attacking both harrysong and his manger.

According to Desmond

He said that Soso accused him of making Harrysong quit the record label . Soso and his boys pounced on him and the other crew member and tore them apart like lions.
At that point, Harrysong who was waiting for Desmond came towards the scene but it took the intervention of some comedians to stop Soso and his boys from assaulting Harrysong and his boys . This happened after a birthday party which unknown to harrysong and his manager, they were being followed.

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