If you say MMM is not of God, then don’t collect our tithes, Nigerians fires back at pastor.

MMM, the money doubling online business in Nigeria is fast becoming popular in the country. Though  some people criticize it but the participants are head over heels in it, and will even go to any length to defend it.

Just recently the founder of Omega fire Ministers, Apostle Suleman during his preaching to his congregation added that money doubling scheme  MMM is satanic and it’s participants are not worthy to be called true Christians. According to him:

“Go and check the founder of MMM. He was a fraudster in America; defrauded people, and that’s what you’re involving yourself in and you are a Christian, looking for easy way out. Many Christians have gotten involved. If you are involved in MMM, I have to pray for you today. It’s not of God. Any quick fix way for money is not of God because some people are being defrauded to enrich some other people,” the controversial preacher warned his members.

He said any quick-rich scheme is wrong, noting that a quick business transaction like MMM that can brings a return of over 200 person, is not of God.

But Nigerians have condemned his words, saying he doesn’t have the right to judge others.

Paul Kaigama: “What is your reason of claims, i think there is no difference between some church and the MMM which the MMM is even better than them as peple keep putting money without any divident as church members but MMM gives divident.”

Anthony Benedict: “And offerings & tithes comes to church box with no prove of source is normal. Members cannot attend church schools that are ridiculously expensive is normal. Leave Nigerians alone ooo.”

Ekemini-abasi Okon: “Seriously I don’t know why somebody who calls himself a man of God will leave what he is supposed to preach and rather chase shadows. You are not involved in mmm and therefore you don’t know how it works. Pls judge not that you may not be judged.leave whoever was a fraudster to God alone. No one is a the right to condemn anyone. It is always appropriate to say things u know very well to avoid making blunders.May God help us all.”

Krusader Ebube Frederick Okafor: “And at the end of his senseless preaching he will demand that they come for weekly thanksgiving, tithe, covenant seed, seed of faith. Birthday, First Sunday of the month, last month of the year. And he never cares how they got the money for the Thanksgiving.. This man once said that El Rufai will die sometime ago. What happened. Who is now a fraudster. Him or mmm.”

Rilwan Oludare Amusa: “If this man is looking for cheap publicity i think he should organise crusade at eagles square in Abuja and invite all the honourable criminals calling themselves politicians after all these are the people paying huge tithe and offering among the congregation…. Pastor abeg park well.”

Velli Dike Rubbish: “Those mics, the phones ,the laptops, the big tv screens, the amps and other musical instruments he and other churches are using were all invented and produced by those who either doesn’t believe in God or those who are not Christians! Shouldn’t we say they are demonic too?”

Confidence Nwanyanwu: “Sooo tithes people pay and we all think God actually comes down from heaven to collect the money but at last we discovered it’s was going straight to your pocket is what? Is that not the ultimate sin robbing God? That one is the real MMM.”

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