I wish my four children are from one woman, 9ice confesses.

9ice is a proud father of four beautiful children, but he only has one regret. The four children has 3 different mothers!

He  told Saturday Beats :
“ I wish I had all my children from one woman because it is a good thing and it makes you connect easily with your children. For example, I have to go to Abuja , Lagos and
America to visit my children. Imagine if all my children were from one woman . However , I have no regrets because it has been ordained , people are just complaining but God has already ordained that these things would happen , ”
“ I think people would never understand me because it is not their life but mine . Everybody has the way they want to live their life and we all have factors and elements that work for us . I know the factors that work for me , I am living my life and I am enjoying it . I think it is for people to enjoy my songs and like it .
As for my love life , it is mine , if I live my love life the way people want me to , I would be suffering while they would be enjoying . They should leave my love life for me because I think I deserve some happiness and an enjoyable love life. I have some factors and tactics that work for me and it is not in my position to explain it to people. Without the negative criticisms I receive when it comes to my love life, I would not be doing music again because what would I sing about . What would I put in my music ? I love all the controversies surrounding my love life .”

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