Devan Merck , Woman born without vagina had surgery to allow her have sex

Devan Merck , 23 , from Fort Benning in Georgia , was devastated to learn she had
no vaginal canal , a malformed uterus and
no cervix when she was just 12 – years- old , and was bullied for years by classmates who called her a ‘ boy’ and a ‘ freak ’ .

But she is now able to enjoy intercourse after surgeons created a man -made vagina using skin taken from her bottom, and now Devan and her husband Trent hope to have a baby with the help of IVF .
The 23 – year – old , who was diagnosed with Mayer -Rokitansky – Küster – Hauser syndrome , told how boyfriends would vanish when they learned of her condition .
“ For years I was bullied and felt different. Kids would call me a ‘boy ’ and a ‘ freak’ and boyfriends would disappear when they realised I wouldn’ t have sex . ”
When she was 16 , surgeons cut open a thick layer of skin covering Devan ’ s vagina to create a vaginal opening , allowing her to have sex .
Skin from her bottom was used to create a ‘ vaginal canal ’ .
‘ I am no different – instead of having a fully functioning vagina. I have a man made vagina.
‘ But since I met my husband my life has changed completely , ’ says Devan, who met her now best friend, Megan Seaman , when they were both undergoing surgery to address the same condition .
Devan learned recently that she does have both ovaries, giving her and husband Trent the hope of biological children.
‘ Everything I ’ ve been through has been me stronger and I think I will make an amazing mother .’
Devan first started experiencing difficulties when she was 12 – years- old .
Every month she would suffer excruciating cramps, but doctors were unconcerned , and said it was the onset of her period.
Devan’ s mother , Gina Sims , eventually found a specialist who discovered the condition – which affects one in 5 , 000 women .
Devan underwent surgery to remove her malformed uterus at 13 .
Three years later, sixteen – year – old Devan went on to have a procedure to ‘make ’ her a vagina so she was able to have sex .

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