Unbelievable! A man raped his pregnant girlfriend while she was in painful labour.

This really sounds absurd and strange! A Randy man was reported to have raped his pregnant girlfriend while she was passing through the unbearable pain of labour

According to local media, the woman was on her fours trying to relieve the pain of contractions but the father of her future child decided it was the best time to have sex with her.

And even when she was wriggling and begging him to stop the man simply ignored her pleas. Hours later the woman gave birth to their son in hospital. The couple were in relatiosnhip for seven years.

In court Prosecutor Michael Greenhalgh recalled what exactly happened that morning:“She was in bed, naked as she normally would be.

In order to try and relieve the pressure and the pain of the contractions, she got onto all fours because she had been told that was a way of relieving the pain.

She was in that position when the defendant woke up. He saw her naked on all fours and said “I feel horny”, to which she replied “are you serious?”.  The defendant then got behind her and started having sex with her.

The woman made it clear that it was’not something she wanted or something she was consenting to but the defendant ignored her protests.

How did she do that? Well, in the first place it was obvious, one might have thought, because she was crying in pain from the contractions, but she also told him to stop it and said to him “please don’t”.

The defendant didn’t listen to that and continued having sex with her. After the assault the defendant even asked if she wanted him to run a bath for her. Shortly after this had happened, she went to hospital and the couple’s son was born.

Being excited after the baby’s birth, the victim who stayed at her mother’s home for some time, returned to her boyfriend to give him one more chance.

However, the man behaved the same violent way to their child and it was the last straw — the woman reported the alleged rapist to police.

Mr Greenhalgh added: ”The woman will note two things precipitated that change. Firstly, she was back in the bedroom where this happened, which is a stark and uncomfortable reminder to her. And, he behaved in an inappropriate way with the new baby.

The child is crying and he wouldn’t let her pick the child up and refers to it as a “spoilt little ****”. It was at that point she decided she couldn’t forget what has happened.”

The defendant has denies the pair had sex, the trial continues.

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