OMG! A doctor recounts his after life experience in the gate of hell!

Many who have had this experience never remained the same, because according to them the terrible state of the souls they see in hell leaves them with no other choice than to completely turn a new leaf.

Dr parti is one of those! He recounts his experience when he passed out during his cancer surgery and what he saw at the entrance of hell.

He said: “I heard screams of pain and anguish. I was drawn in, as if on a moving pavement, to the edge of a flaming canyon. Smoke filled my nostrils, and with it the sickening odour of burning flesh. I knew then that I was on the lip of hell.”
When he tried to turn away from the horror before him, he heard a voice chastising him for leading a “materialistic life”. He then begged God for a second chance after which he saw his late father. He also claimed to have seen archangels Michael and Raphael.Eventually waking in the recovery room, he said his doctors, like he had once done.
The experience in 2008, changed Dr Parti’s life completely. The US anaesthetist resigned from his job at Bakersfield Heart Hospital in California after his experience.

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