fans threw objects at Kenya west for saying he would have voted for Donald Trump

Probably west made a mistake by bringing this up during his
Saint Pablo Tour in San Jose , California, on Thursday 17 Nov.

 He told the crowd if he had come out during the voting, then he would have voted  Trump.

“ I told you I didn ’ t vote , right?, he asked the crowd.
“ But I didn ’ t tell you If I would ’ ve voted , I would ’ ve voted on Trump .”
He added that he loved Trump ’ s style of debating .
West said he was a fan of Trump ’ s campaign and he wanted to come out in support of him before the election but was told not to.
He said : “ I hate the fact that because I ’ m a celebrity everybody told me not to say I loved the debates . I loved his approach , ”
According to attendees, some in the crowd started to boo the rapper and some actually threw shoes and other articles of clothing towards the stage.

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